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RP 098 – Which One is Slanted

Pretty cool photo, even though I just noticed that the car is strapped to the guard rail.


RP 095 – Car Tree

So either this is a really bad driver or somehow the tree grew from below the van?


RP 094 – No Car Should Probably Be This High

That car got some major air, but I'm wondering if the sky police is going to pull them over, because I'm pretty sure that car is going faster then 5 MPH


RP 093 – Beer Cart

Now days I would absolutely be buying a beer from the beer golf cart on the private island during our cruise, but when we went we didn't have any extra money, so no beer. Next time though!


RP 090 – The Pillsbury Throwboy

In retro spec he doesn't seem as big, but I think that is because JaMarcus Russel has been in the league more recently and wikipedia has them both listed at the same weight, although it also says the Jared Lorenzen is 2 inches shorter. Those are some big boys playing QB, and on the professional level.


RP 087 – Under Water Tiger

Is it me or does this seem wrong? I know this though. That tiger looks pissed!


RP 086 – Idea

Do you have one?


RP 078 – Winning

Do I need to say more?


RP 076 – Harley Davidson of Nassau

Yeah, that's right and I know it is because I took the picture.

Not really a big store though, but I kind of wish I would of noticed the Wi-Fi spot when we were there. Damn. Which brings me to another point. How is it the Cancun has Wi-Fi, but I can't get a damn signal in Michigan.


RP 075 – Jimmy Conrad Podcast

He may wear the number 12, but he is number 1 in a lot of people's mind, and not only does he blog on his website, but he also does a podcast now. It has been a very interesting podcast because its not often that a professional athlete voices his opinion or much of anything on a consistent basis...

Well sort of? There are those that probably shouldn't open their mouths sometimes, but they are usually football players, and sometimes baseball players. Jimmy Conrad is not one of those people. He is more along the lines of being interested in what he has to say.