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RP 093 – Beer Cart

Now days I would absolutely be buying a beer from the beer golf cart on the private island during our cruise, but when we went we didn't have any extra money, so no beer. Next time though!


RP 076 – Harley Davidson of Nassau

Yeah, that's right and I know it is because I took the picture.

Not really a big store though, but I kind of wish I would of noticed the Wi-Fi spot when we were there. Damn. Which brings me to another point. How is it the Cancun has Wi-Fi, but I can't get a damn signal in Michigan.


RP 067 – Grandpa

This is a photo of one of my grandfathers when he drove with the Ararat Shrine Temple Mini Indy Group. He was one of the lead vehicles that was actually a Mini Corvette. I loved riding around in this little car with him. Its pretty much a go-kart but has a shell of a cool car.


RP 029 – Goofy Wife Photo

Hopefully this doesn't get me in trouble with my wife, since it is a picture of her with my youngest son, but I find it pretty funny. Credit goes to my Mother for taking the picture though. I believe she was trying to show our son how to pedal, but even he seems to find it funny that she is on the tiny tractor. I want to know if the little girl in the back ground made it up the hill though too?