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Where Have all the Good Games Gone ?

Okay I know it is the beginning of the year but there have been no good games in a long time. This past holiday season was dismal at best. CES was a great show but failed to wow me in any way...even Microsoft. Coming up at E3 Sony announced that it will make no announcements on an upcoming Playstation 4. This paves the way for Microsoft to deliver the deathblow to Sony that we have long waited for. Sony has proven time and time again that they would rather makes money then make gamers. Sony so far has come up with jack squat and I for one am excited to see them being a failing force in gaming but not entertainment. If they don't play that one close the Microsoft is going to take those reigns also. Microsoft gets all the exclusives before Playstation users not to mention a lot of Sony only games have learned quickly to ween away from them in place of a broader audience. Sorry it's been a while for me to update but this season has just been dismal. I for one and yes you can give me as much shit as possible for it I am waiting for Halo 4 , Soulcalibur V , GTA V and the next COD. Stay tuned for more info as I grab it and make it as available as possible...find me online at Liquid Xanadu or we are holding Clan tryouts for MW3 for our clan GTD ( Guns Tits and Drugs. )

Dueces Bitches !SIgn Off


I_am_McBeth Plans and Goals for 2012


My last post was me talking about some of the awesome stuff that I got to do in 2011, so I figured this post should be about what a few of my goals are going to be in 2012. With the latter half of 2011 being so good for me I don't see how 2012 could get much better except for just doubling what I got to do. There is a possibility of a couple things making 2012 huge for me and I can only hope that they pan out for me.

Starting the year off with a bang the NSCAA convention this year in Kansas City and the MLS Superdraft and WPS draft are both here during that time in January. I have submitted for my media pass and it is looking promising but haven't been completely confirmed if I am indeed getting to go or not. There is a ton of stuff going on during that week and weekend. There is one thing that I would like to do and that is get my national coaching diploma, but I know I will miss out on that. I should however be getting the chance to go to a couple special breakfast meals to catch some great talk about soccer stuff. Not to mention getting to see both the major soccer leagues in the United States drafts.

The CONCACAF have also confirmed that there will be games played at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park so I will be submitting to get a media pass to go to those games as well and of course to go along with that will be hopefully getting my pass to go back to the Sporting Kansas City games this year to cover them.

I am also starting up my own youth soccer club to convert my oldest son's soccer team over to a competitive team and hopefully to build it up by also adding other teams to the club. I have been blessed to have an amazing team with amazing parents of all the kids that have been incredibly supportive and I am just so thankful and stoked about being able to do this.

Something that kind of goes along with forming my own youth club is further developing the corporate soccer league that I started almost 5 years ago and made bigger last year by inviting other companies to join the league. I am really hoping to get to expand that out even more this year and potentially next year making it a full blown 11v11 full field league.

With all this media stuff and other soccer stuff I could only wish that I could get paid something for my time and services. Hopefully that will be something that comes along a little more down the road. Something else that I am looking at doing to go along with my blogging is podcasting, which is like an audio blog, or I should say at least get back into podcasting as I did it for a little while a couple years back and really miss it. Something else that kind of goes along with all this blogging is that I have decided that I would kind of like to write some sort of a book, so one of my big goals for 2012 is to completely write a book. Nothing huge, but probably around 50 to 100 pages to give me a very obtainable goal in my opinion.

It also looks like I have been given some of the tools to finally be able to start wood carving and a little bit of wood working as I received some stuff for Christmas to help me get into wood carving and I have already started on my first project. Wood working stuff is something that I have really wanted to get into for quite a few years now. Both my grandfathers did quite a bit of really good woodworking stuff and I would just like to try my hand at it.

Closing up for anybody that has possibly made it this far which probably isn't many people if any I have some big plans for 2012 besides turning 30 and I just think that putting them down in written form will hopefully give me more motivation to do so. I am sure that there is something that I have missed, but I know that I have it written down, but I am not currently referring to my written list of goals to write this post yet I am still insanely high on the word count for a single blog post, which I think will be one of my other goals this year and to try and create a lot more post but keep them shorter then I have been making them.

I hope that all of you are ready for the new year and have good goals or resolutions if you would like to call them that planned for the upcoming year.


Veteran’s Day – 2011

Veteran's day is upon us and it is time for those to honor veterans whether they be young or old.

It has seem that people the last decade have really taken an appreciation for veterans and given them the respect that they deserve. It would seem like it should be that way but it hasn't always been that way for some reason. Yeah more then half the veterans might not of actually put their life on the line but 99% of people don't even serve in the armed forces, so take that into consideration when you might see someone who did serve but didn't do much and you jus blow them off or show them disrespect.

When I was was younger it just always seemed like the only veterans I possibly knew we're my grandpa's age when in reality they are all over the place and as I get older I find that out more and more each year but a lot of them don't always go on and on about it. They figured they were just doing their job and why should they receive praise for that.

I am a lot like that. I personally served six plus year in the Marine Corps Reserves with a year of that being activated during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I didn't do hardly anything besides what was asked of me and I tend to not go out seeking rewards or praise for what I did. I most times don't really know what to do when somebody finds out I was a vet and thanks me for my service because as soon as they do my mind immediately goes to the men and women that actually gave their lives for our country.

Even people like my great uncle who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor when he was stationed on the U.S.S Oklahoma and was thrown from the ship during the attack as he was headed towards church service. He was also later involved in the Midway Conflict. he survived all that was just recently passed away this year.

It is people like him that all of us, even other veterans, that I think we should be celebrating and honoring the most. But that isn't the way things work and it is still a great honor to be recognized on days like this.


Sporting KC – FIFA 12 Player Ratings


FIFA 12 recently came out and the question was asked what the Sportig KC player ratings were like. So I decided to dive into this but not just look at the FIFA 12 Fatiha but decided to go and compare this against FIFA 11. Now when I went into my FIFA 11 I being on xbox live and being a person that tends to update stuff had a more updated roster. So not only will I be comparing to the recent EA FIFA update, however long ago that was, I will also be comparing to the original from another blog post I found. There will be some interesting numbers come up. Please remember don't shoot the messenger as I did not make the ratings. I just report the news that is fit to print. Well that and probably some that isn't since most my post are opinion based. I am however up to talking about your thoughts on the rankings.

GK 69 69 69
RB 63 61 60
RCB 70 -- 67*
LCB 65 59 60
LB 62 -- 60^
RCM 64 60 60
LCM 65 64 64

CAM 71 -- 70+
RW 66 64 65
ST 65 -- 60r
LW 71 71 71
GK 58 ?? 58
CDM 69 -- 67^^
ST 68 63 66
CB 62 61 61
RB 64 60 64
CM 60 63 64
CAM 64 -- --
CDM 59 -- 61
ST 61 -- --
CB 62 -- --
CM 63 62 64
RWB 56 -- 57r
CM 61 61 62
GK 56 59 60
RWB 53 52 54
CAM 57 -- 57r
CDM -- 64 66
CM -- 62 62
LW -- 68 68
CDM -- -- 55
CB -- -- 57
CB -- 67 --
ST -- 63 --
ST -- 63 --

ST -- 61 --
CB -- 62 --
ST -- 57 --
CB -- 59 --
RB -- 59 --

I went and found most of the current players within the game where ever they were for the FIFA 11 game.
* - Collin was on a Portuguese league team
^ - Sinovic was playing for New England Revs
+ - Jeferson was on a Brazilian league team
^^ - Cesar was on a Turkish league team

The "r" behind the rating indicates that player being a rookie that was included in an update to FIFA 11.

-- just means that I couldn't find or didn't go looking for that data. (Figured I had the important stuff)

As you can see I also included the players that were on FIFA 11 originally or after an update. Figured it would be an interesting addition.

For the most part all of the current players went up in rating and a few of them jumped up by 4 or more points. A few players to include Nielsen, Bravo, Kronberg, and Harrington stayed the same.

There was also a small handful the decreased to include Diop, Sassano, Arnaud, Ellis, Rocastle, Kempin (who dropped quite a bit, sorry dude), and Aiyegbusi. My only thought on that is due to the lack of playing time.

I would like to hear what all of you think about the new rankings when compared to the old. Do you agree or disagree? What would you do?


The reason why I will probably love FIFA 11

FIFA 11 or the 2011 installment of the hit FIFA (soccer) game will now allow gamers to focus on just controlling the Goal Keeper. Those of you who know me, and know that I play soccer, most likely know, that I generally play Goalie. So I think that this will be really cool.

I haven't really played any soccer video game for a very long time, but lately I have really been wanting to get a soccer video game and play. In all honesty I am pretty much to to the point that I want any video game to play, but would like to get my hands on a sport video game, and not not exactly Madden either.

Here is a video from the EA FIFA 11 site on how you can focus on being a keeper.


Did I mention that I WANT THIS GAME!


97/100 What All My 100 Blog Post Were/Going to be.

With one going through 100 blog post in less then 100 days, any late comers might have missed a few post that could potentially spark their interest.

I can't really say which one is my favorite, and I would like to think that i didn't favor just one topic, besides maybe the world cup, but I believe I did a good job at making each and every article unique in its own way. Which over a span of almost 100 blog post, should be quite challenging, but I think I did good.

The most important thing to me though is that I started gaining more and more readers and followers of my blog, but the even higher, and I guess you could say critical thing is that those people enjoyed my post. I ask of each of you though that if you do enjoy it, please share with a friend. If you don't enjoy it, but still check it out, and think you know somebody that would at least get a kick out of a few of my post, then defiantly send it to them by using that share button after each post.

Here is a list of each blog post including this one, and then the remaining few, to be posted in the next two weeks. (Each one is linked except this one and the remaining 3.)

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38/100 Mac Mini
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80/100 Making Your Own Beer
81/100 Making Your Own Salsa
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99/100 September 11th
100/100 Where To Go From Here



Where can one person go, to virtually buy anything and everything that they could want and/or need?

I'm a little late to the buying stuff online, because I use to like to be able to get whatever it was that I was buying as soon as I could and enjoy it, whether it be electronics, movies, games, or what have you. But I have recently come to the conclusion that there are a lot of people that I can't stand, most of them being people that I don't know, but that's neither here nor there. I have to buy stuff though, right? Right, so there is a solution to my possible problem and that is Now of course I have to wait for my stuff to show up, but I think its worth the wait, to not deal with people acting stupid. Of course my wife does a lot of the shopping as well, and I get to here about how stupid people can be or worse (see

There is also the problem of money. Right now with us having the debt that we do, and not getting more, we are trying to focus on just buy the basic stuff that we need, and it is just easier, and possibly a little cheaper to just go to the grocery store, walmart, or target to get what we need, but you better believe that once I can just wait, and have the money too, then I will probably start using Amazon a lot more often.

Also, one of the really cool features on is the wish list. You create an amazon account and then you can just start adding stuff to your wish list that you can go to later and buy stuff from it, or even share with family and friends.


85/100 Man Caves

Something that you probably hear about more and more lately is something called a man cave. Just what could this crazy contraption be? Well sorry ladies, its not a place you can put your husband in and keep him locked up, but it is something that your man probably wouldn't mind being locked up in.

A man cave or mantuary as it is sometimes called is like a sanctuary for a guy and most likely several friends depending on the type of cave to retreat to and get that proverbial getting away from it all type of place. A man cave can be any type of room really to include any sort of items that a specific man would want. Looking at an article, says that it could even help a marriage. Now I cannot say that is true or not, but I can defiantly see the argument in that idea.

Personally, my man cave would be like a personal home theater where I could watch movies and play video games. Now I know better then to just make it a personal room for me, and I would obviously have to share it, but think about it guys. How nice would it be to have a place to go to when friends came over that you could go hang out in and shoot the shit, watch the game, watch old favorite movies that your wife thinks are completely retarded, or play some video games and you could be somewhat loud (depending on the time) and not have to worry about if your bothering somebody.

What your man cave have in it?


21/100 Star Wars Force Unleashed II

The secret apprentice with 2 light sabers (Not typical for any Jedi, that I know of)

One of the highest selling consoled Star Wars games even to come out is the Force Unleashed. You play as Darth Vadar's secret apprentice. FOUL! you may cry, but check it out first. I ask you what happened between episodes 3 & 4. Exactly!

Only a few years after the release of that amazing game, the sequel is just about ready to come out. Many questioned on how this could be, because [SPOILER ALERT!]your character at the end of the first game appears to have been killed. Well in the fashion of what seems to be similar to the Knights of the Old Republic games your character doesn't seem to remember much from his past and you have become a slave to the emperor. There hasn't seem to be much else come out about the story line, but your character who had an abnormal saber fighting skill now weilds 2 light sabers, so that should at least make for some interesting fights.

I also know that several characters that we are all familar with will be introduced in this game. This game is sure to not disappoint just as the first game didn't. You should still have some time before Force Unleashed II comes out, so go check out the first one and give it a play through or two. I guarantee you'll enjoy this game. I mean who doesn't want to play as a Jedi?


20/100 Batman Arkham Asylum 2

Preview of the Joker in Batman:AA2

There will soon be a sequeal to the best Batman game to ever be put out (besides Lego Batman, if you count it.)

Last year Batman Arkham Asylum was put out and it proved not to just be a good Batman game, but to be a great game all around. Well when you create something that does really good, and nobody expected it to do good, yoiu want to follow up on it as quickly as possible to keep the ball rolling. So some time probably early in 2011 Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 is coming out.

I haven't been able to see too much about it yet, but from what Ive heard they are expanding on it quite a bit. It looks like not only are the asylum patients out of their environment, but are trying to take over Gotham City. Mark Hammil (yes, Luke Skywalker,) the person who voiced the Joker in the animated series that we all watched as kids will voice the Joker for what Mark says will be the final time.

It is said that Two-Face, Catwoman, and The Penguin are to make appearances in this game. Apparently The Riddle is supposed to make an appearance as well and not just in the same aspect as the first game, making you look for some odd clues, kind of like hide and seek, but he didn't actually hide anything, its in plain site.

If you haven't been able to check out the first game make sure you do so and then make sure you get your hands on Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 when it comes out.