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85/100 Man Caves

Something that you probably hear about more and more lately is something called a man cave. Just what could this crazy contraption be? Well sorry ladies, its not a place you can put your husband in and keep him locked up, but it is something that your man probably wouldn't mind being locked up in.

A man cave or mantuary as it is sometimes called is like a sanctuary for a guy and most likely several friends depending on the type of cave to retreat to and get that proverbial getting away from it all type of place. A man cave can be any type of room really to include any sort of items that a specific man would want. Looking at an article, says that it could even help a marriage. Now I cannot say that is true or not, but I can defiantly see the argument in that idea.

Personally, my man cave would be like a personal home theater where I could watch movies and play video games. Now I know better then to just make it a personal room for me, and I would obviously have to share it, but think about it guys. How nice would it be to have a place to go to when friends came over that you could go hang out in and shoot the shit, watch the game, watch old favorite movies that your wife thinks are completely retarded, or play some video games and you could be somewhat loud (depending on the time) and not have to worry about if your bothering somebody.

What your man cave have in it?


78/100 Windows XP

Well it looks like it will be 2020 before big businesses that haven't already jumped to Windows 7 will be forced to upgrade.

So basically Windows XP isn't going anywhere anytime soon, well kind of. Personal users will not be receiving further support for service pack 2, but service pack 3 support is suppose to be around till 2010. Only problem for XP fanboys (and girls) is that SP3 is intended for enterprise customers.

It was only a matter of time before this happened with Windows 7 seeming to do so well, and it looks like you won't even be able to buy a computer with the XP downgrade option after this holiday season. Personally I don't know much about Windows 7 or even Vista for that matter because my netbook has XP on it and my wife's computer that I occasionally used had vista on it, but I didn't use her computer enough to really learn much about vista, and apparently that was a good thing.

I'm sure my work will be on XP for most of the next 10 years, but I sure would like to see them upgrade to IE8 from IE6. Yeah that's right most of my work still has IE6, some have gotten lucky and have IE7 or even Firefox, but I didn't till just recently when I was somehow able to get Firefox on my computer and it has been AWESOME!!!



I have within the last few months come across this new blog type website, that I cannot, not go to at least once a day (that is unless I'm at home where I don't have internet anymore.) is the name of this site, and its mission states:
This is a site for people who embrace technology and design in ther home.

If you haven't been able to tell I'm huge on technology (i.e. all the post about Apple stuff that I have done recently) and to those who personally know me, know that I like designing stuff. My lack of money and personal knowledge of building stuff usually keeps me from fullfilling any ideas I have though. But this site and given me even more great ideas, and even some stuff that I really want to look into if I ever get the chance. post topics about D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) projects that they come across and new and upcoming technology stuff that people might not of even been thinking of, and sometimes they even post on alternative ideas to common topics in today's world. Like for example I read through a post yesterday about "How to Live Without A TV and Cable" it was a pretty good read, and I have often emailed myself links to other post that I want to make sure I do not forget.

To go along with this great site they also have other blogs to include: - Saving the World, one room at a time. - Inspiring cooks. Nourishing homes - Home. Design. Children - Abundant Design for Green Homes

Each of these sites have had topics that I really enjoyed and I visit all of them if not on a daily basis then atleast once or twice a week. I really suggest that you go check out each of these sites, because I know you will find something that sparks your interest.


65/100 What is a Podcast?

Podcast is a term that more of you are probably starting to hear on a regular basis, but most of you are probably wondering, just what is a podcast.

Podcast is an idea that has been around since about 2004 and is (by Wikipedia) defined as a series of digital media files (video or audio) that are releashed episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. Also sometimes called webcast, the basic idea is that people can record whether it be audio or video files and then put them on the internet for people to download. The term podcast comes from apple being such a big supporter of these webcast and being able to store them on your iPod or MP3 player.

Everybody seems to be providing content like this now days, such as radio, tv, and the common person, even myself. One of the great things about having a webcast of your own is that you are also not restricted by the FCC.

There are several great shows out there and you can kind of look at it as radio/tv shows on demand, and I listen/watch several of them daily and highly suggest you do to. I'm sure there is a show out there that includes stuff you like, and if there isn't, then maybe you should make one, because I'm sure other people share that interest.


61/100 Headphones

A little over a year ago I came to the realization that I'm pretty abusive to headphones. not that I mean to be, it just so happens to work out that way. I sit at a desk all day, I run, and I will also listen to stuff on a regular basis outside of those two things. Whil at work I pretty much listen to music, radio, podcast, or whatever the entire time, I don't go to very many meetings, and have to take the headphones on/in and off/out several times during the day. This causes the headphones to wear down a lot faster then you would think.

I think that the longest I've gone has been with my current setup and that is because I had more then one set. I had the standard iPod/iPhone set that I would use for play and etc. Love those headphones, but I had a better set that although looked a bit DJish were probably the best set of headphones I've ever had. Granted they seemed expensive because I usually just buy the $10 sets at Walmart when I have to buy more, but cost between $40-$50 and where made by skull candy.

I'm about to the point where I'm going to have to get new ones again because I'm down to just the apple ones. I would really like to get a good set of wireless headphones, but those usually cost quite a bit more as do the Dr. Dre headphones which seem incredible, so I may just end up getting some skull candy ones again because they make a pretty good set of headphones, and if your ever looking for a good pair of headphones regardless of type (over ear, in-ear) then I would highly recommend a pair (or two) of skull candy headphones.


54/100 Google Voice

Everybody knows, loves, and uses Google on a day to day basis, but most of the people that use Google have no idea about some of the other features that you can get from Google. I'm sure everybody knows that Google bought YouTube, but how many of you realize that you could get your own phone number from Google.

Google Voice is a Google app that has been out for a little over a year and it gives you (hopefully) a phone number close to your area, and allows you to give out a number to people that you ant to get a hold of you, but you may not want them to have your cell phone, work phone, and if you still have a phone at home, that. You can add your personal numbers to Google Voice and when somebody calls or even text that number, it will then call the other phones set up or send text messages to your cell, or you can have the option to just use it as a voicemail. Each voicemail can be transcribed and a copy of it along with the audio will be sent to your email.

I haven't really used my Google Voice to much, but from what I've done with it, I have really enjoyed it and if you think this would be something helpful for you then you should go get one, after all it is free.


46/100 Wing House

Most of you are probably wondering what I could even be talking about. Well this house I'm about to tell you about is made out of airplane wings. Now your probably thinking so what, that's not that big. Well you would probably be right if the roof of this house wasn't made out of Boeing 747 wings, hence the name Wing House(yes this link is clickable, so click it and go check out the website for the Wing House)

Suprisingly the wing of a 747 has over 2500 sq ft, which is incredible. That is more then twice the size of my house, and that is just one wing. This house is using both and the two small rear wings, for the master bedroom, and I use the term small loosely there, after all the rear wings are attached to a 747.

The entire complex is over a 55 acre property, so I think it goes with out saying, and it was cheaper to buy the whole plane then just the wings, pretty much every part of the plane is used as something. The 2 main wings make up seperate roof sections. The two rear stabilizers will be the roof of the master bedroom. The cabin area of the plan will be split up and make an art studio, guest house, and animal barn. The front portion of the plane (cockpit) will be made up as a meditation pavilion.

You probably shouldn't be expecting to buy one of these houses any time soon, because it is crazy expensive and there is an absolute ton of paper work, even with the FAA.


44/100 Texting

In the last several years a new technology has taken off. No I'm not talking about Facebook, atleast not yet. Texting, everybody seems to be doing it now days, even some grandparents from what I hear. Texting allows you to send direct messages to other people without actually having to talk to them, or answer the other person immediately, well usually.

I love texting. I do it a lot, and I'm glad I have unlimited text on y plan, but there is something that I don't like, besides my current phone that I use for texting (I miss my iPhone!) That would be all these abbreviations. BRB, OMG ROFL, JK, K and many more. The one that irratates me a lot though is LOL. Which means Laughing Out Loud. But really, who ever actually laughs out loud when they say that? Probably most people that use it. I personnally reframe from using most of these shortened words like LOL. If I think it is funny, I will say that's funny. I also think that sosme of these words are messing with the spelling knowledge of the younger generations. I know my spelling isn't the best but I try my best. Like the the word "probably" for example. The text form is suppose to be "proply" or "prolly" or something like that. Probably doesn't even have two p's or l's in it so why would you use that as the shortened form. I guess I'm just starting to sound like a cranky old man. Guess its time for me to go watch Murder She Wrote and head off to bed at like 5pm.



43/100 Samsung 3D TV

A couple months ago I walked into a Bestbuy, just to look around because I have no money and pretty much can't afford anything any way besides the occasional iTunes card for $15. Any way, as I walked in my eye was caught by an image that almost felt like it was real. This image was coming from a Samsung 46" class* 3D LED HDTV and it was the sharpest and best picture I have ever seen. Granted it was playing Avatar from a blueray player as well, but the image seemed life like and appeared just like 3D without even having the glasses. One of the features says 3D-ready and states that the Samsung 3D technology makes images leap off the screen-so you feel like you're a part of the action. I wouldn't say it was was 3D-ready, I would say it was 3D-done. Well with the limited time that I was drooling in front of the Tv I can say that I did indeed feel like I was in the movie, it was incedible. So I had to look up more info on it and all the features are truly amazing. Well maybe not to most of you that may have a large HDTV that is also newer, but to me it is amazing. I have a 26" Insignia LCD TV that has 720p which most of you wouild ask me what is wrong with me or how I can even watch TV and why don't I have a better TV. Well like I said I'm a poor white boy and all my money goes to bills and my debt. A TV like this will keep me from getting one for a long time too with a price tag of around $2600.00 I'm sure there are a lot of people that won't be getting one quickly, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe somebody will get one and then I can try to get their older TV for cheap, thats how I get most of my stuff, by not getting new stuff.


38/100 Mac Mini

Apple is always improving on every item that they put out, and that is one reason why I think they dominate so much. Well they are about to release a new Mac Mini and this could prove to be something that truly dominates not just the computer world but also the home media entertainment world.

Not everybody has probably heard about a Mac Mini, mostly because its one of the cheapest apple products you can buy and apple can't have you not buying their more expensive stuff, but it is also not a laptop. It is a desktop computer, granted it would probably get lost on my desktop and most people are going for laptops now-a-days as a desktop replacement.

I also don't know if you can call it a desktop when it stands less then 2 inches tall, and everybody is use to having a tower for their desktop. There are two different models available and both I would love to have. One costing $700 that gives you a 2.4 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM an optical (or CD) Drive and 320 GB hard drive. The other that might be more appealing to people that don't need a CD/DVD Drive will run you $1000 (still cheaper then a macbook.) Just why would this be more appealing? It has 4 GB of RAM, two 500 GB hard drive (that totals 1 TB) and a slightly better processor. One of the biggest things that was added that might make this a huge home media entertainment device is the addition of a HDMI port. So if your looking into getting a Mac, upgrading to a Mac or whatever, then the Mac Mini might be a strong option for you to look at.