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97/100 What All My 100 Blog Post Were/Going to be.

With one going through 100 blog post in less then 100 days, any late comers might have missed a few post that could potentially spark their interest.

I can't really say which one is my favorite, and I would like to think that i didn't favor just one topic, besides maybe the world cup, but I believe I did a good job at making each and every article unique in its own way. Which over a span of almost 100 blog post, should be quite challenging, but I think I did good.

The most important thing to me though is that I started gaining more and more readers and followers of my blog, but the even higher, and I guess you could say critical thing is that those people enjoyed my post. I ask of each of you though that if you do enjoy it, please share with a friend. If you don't enjoy it, but still check it out, and think you know somebody that would at least get a kick out of a few of my post, then defiantly send it to them by using that share button after each post.

Here is a list of each blog post including this one, and then the remaining few, to be posted in the next two weeks. (Each one is linked except this one and the remaining 3.)

1/100 This Damn Rash!!!
2/100 Trying to repair a bicycle
3/100 100 in 100!
4/100 Becoming Debt Free
5/100 Google TV?
6/100 KC Royals Still Sucking as Usual
7/100 World Cup Soccer
8/100 Violence in Video Games
9/100 A New Leaning Tower
10/100 AT&Ts New iPhone Data Plans
11/100 Ken Griffey Jr Retires
12/100 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo
13/100 World Cup Soccer Ball Problems
14/100 Why the World Cup has that bee sound
15/100 Father’s Day
16/100 Devil Dog Nomenclature
17/100 US Men’s Soccer Team
18/100 KC Dirty Duo
19/100 Nex XBox?
20/100 Batman Arkham Asylum 2
21/100 Star Wars Force Unleashed II
22/100 USB Jump Drives (Character/Player)
23/100 Budgeting
24/100 Celebrity Home Theater
25/100 iPhone 4
26/100 Alice in Wonderland
27/100 Yahoo! Modern Classic Movies
28/100 Apple TV
29/100 Fantasy Football
30/100 Star Wars Character Lamp
31/100 Lightning Bugs
32/100 Kobe Bryant
33/100 Man Killed over World Cup Game
34/100 Why I Miss My iPhone
35/100 Marathon Running
36/100 Powermat
37/100 Being a Veteran
38/100 Mac Mini
39/100 Tomb of the Unknowns
40/100 Motorcycles
41/100 Old Glory
42/100 4th of July
43/100 Samsung 3D TV
44/100 Texting
45/100 Transformers
46/100 Wing House
47/100 Boulevard Brewing Company
48/100 Coke Bottle Project
49/100 Reading
50/100 Why I Blog?
51/100 Warehouse 13
52/100 Eureka
53/100 Leverage
54/100 Google Voice
55/100 Customer Service
56/100 MLB All-Star Game 2010
57/100 Cruises
58/100 Hilton Head Island
59/100 Persons Unknown
60/100 Pro Indoor Soccer back in KC
61/100 Headphones
62/100 Getting into Woodworking
63/100 Mystery Science Theater 3000
64/100 Starting a Soccer Club
65/100 What is a Podcast?
66/100 Doppelgangers
67/100 Religion
68/100 Ghost
70/100 My Birthday
71/100 Yahoo! 100 Movies to see before you die?
72/100 Top Trilogies
73/100 Worst Trilogies
74/100 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
75/100 Bamboo Bicycle
76/100 Meditating
77/100 My Experience in Boot Camp
78/100 Windows XP
79/100 Politics
80/100 Making Your Own Beer
81/100 Making Your Own Salsa
82/100 What to do with Old Jerseys
83/100 Football
84/100 ESPNs Salary Crunch
85/100 Man Caves
86/100 550 Cord
87/100 Camelbak
88/100 External Hard Drives
89/100 MacBook Pro
91/100 Wanting to sell our House
92/100 Share/Facebook Like Button
93/100 Futnis?
94/100 Sudoku Puzzles
95/100 Book I Want to Write
96/100 Other Blog Series Ideas
97/100 What All My 100 Blog Post Were/Going To Be
98/100 Predictions To The Chiefs Season
99/100 September 11th
100/100 Where To Go From Here


87/100 Camelbak

During my time in the Corps, as the salty dogs of the Marine Corps would say, a newer piece of revolutionary equipment came out called the camelbak. This changed how all service members would drink water almost immediately. Usually any new piece of equipment takes forever to get approved by the military, but it was almost as if everybody just decided that this was a must have item.

I spent $50 on a pretty good one, and loved it. It was called the stealth, it had a lower profile then most, and although it didn't have storage on it like most camelbaks did, I was able to wear it with pretty much anything and everything, including with a pack on over-top of the camelbak.

The camelbak has become popular and versatile enough that long distance runners have also been using it them. So what was one of the first things you would think I would be looking for when I started running my longer runs for my marathon training? That's right my camelbak. Only problem is that I have seemed to of miss placed my amazing camelbak. My biggest problem is that I could really use it, especially with my longer runs now being over 10 miles. But I have no clue where it got to, and after not using it for a few years, I don't even know where I could of put it. I thought I knew, but yep not a clue.

So I am trying to save up to get a new one, but I also have to save up to pay for my marathon entry fee. It really stinks not having a camelbak, but I will just keep having to place bottles of water along my routes and hope that somebody doesn't mess with them or worse, an animal piss on them.


086/100 550 Cord

550 Cord or Paracord as it is sometimes called started off as a light weight cord that attached to military style parachutes, but quickly started being used for other items, like securing packs and other equipment.

People started to notice that you could start using it for other things like knots and braiding bracelets, lanyards, belts, and other decorative items. I recently came across an article that showed you how you could put the cord over a set of headphones to help keep your headphones from getting tangled up as much.

I haven't tried that yet, but it got me interested in starting to make stuff again, just like I did in scouts, just using 550 cord instead of that crazy plastic or leather stuff that you use in scouts. I have been able to make bracelets just like the one pictured above, one that is twice that size (called the wide bracelet), one that is called cobra, I have also started trying to make some other things like lanyards and keychains. I have even started messing around with making braided necklaces, that look similar to the Phiten braided necklaces, that a lot of players (mostly in baseball) wear.

I am starting to look at trying to sell the stuff too, and have even had a person on facebook contact me about getting together to try and make/sell these. I keep saying that I want to do this and I want to do that, but I have actually been able to make these things, and don't see why I shouldn't start selling them.

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77/100 My Experience in Boot Camp

9 years ago this summer I was going through what 99% of Americans will never compete, and what 100% of people go through most likely call hell. Just what could this personal hell possibly be?

United States Marin Corp Basic Training in San Diego/Camp Pendleton California. Yeah I know who could ever hate being in San Diego California, well if you ask a Marin who has gone through MCRD San Diego they will tell you just how much they loved it. (saying that sarcastically)

Personally I thought the hardest part was the physical exhaustion that you go through. But I do tell everbody that ask me about basic training, that you have to be mentally though. Because the Drill Instructors will get you through the physical part, but you have to get yourself through the mental part.

I saw some pretty big bad asses drop out just because they couldn't deal with the stress anymore. Yet if you don't push yourself physically then the Drill Instructors don't hesitate dropping you back, most of the time.

All-in-All its a life changing experience for anybody that even completes half of the training and I am no exception. I just can' believe that it will be 10 year next August that I graduated Marine Boot Camp.


42/100 4th of July

Otherwise known as Independence Day. This is probably the most celebrated holiday in the United States. The meaning behind Independence Day is to celebrate the day that the United States finally declared its independence from Great Britain and signed the Declarations of Independence. This is usually celebrated by shooting fireworks, having a parade, barbecue, carnivals, concerts, or what have you, even personal firework shows. I've seen some major cash put down to celebrate being free, and why wouldn't you.

Celebrations sometimes tend to start days before the 4th of July and lately, at least in my area, don't tend to end till some time late on July 5th. Natually the 4th is the biggest day of celebration. I have quite a large family and we don't hesitate to get together on the 4th and have a barbecue and shoot off fireworks well into the night. This year won't be any different as we are also celebrating my youngest son's birthday where he will be turning three.

Almost any state or city that you live in, you should be able to go check out a huge public displayed fireworks show, because some cities have banned fireworks due to safety reasons, they tend to burn stuff down. There are other celebrations that tend to happen on the 4th, like the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island. So what's your plans for the 4th of July?


41/100 Old Glory

The United States Flag also sometimes called Old Glory is what some might call the logo of America. It is without a doubt probably the most reconigzed symbol in the world. Flags, paintings, murals, attire, decals for cars, badges, pins, or what have you. It has a much bigger reason for being the way that it is, but I don't think most people know just how important it truly is.

The entire flag has a reason for being the way that it is, especially with the 13 white and red stripes. There are all sorts of reasons to use it for decoration, but there is etiquette that should be followed especially when putting the flag on display. Particular days that it should be displayed include the 4th of July (Independence Day), Labor Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day and Memorial Day.

Not only do all federal facilities desplay the flag everyday, but there are several loacations that display the flag continuosly to include The White House, Washingtong Monument, Gettysburg, Valley Forge, the South Pole and the Moon.

Being an American is a very honoring thing and I make sure to display my patriotism accordingly and I suggest you do too. If you don't have a flag, first, why the hell not and second go get one right now and make sure you have it on full display on Independence Day. Just do me a favor and keep the fireworks away from Old Glory, please.


39/100 Tomb of the Unknowns

In Arlington National Cemetery located in Washington D.C. there is the Tomb of the Unknowns. This actually has the remains of service members that have not been able to be identified. There are remains from World War I, World War II & Korean War. There were remains from a solidier of the Vietnam War, but with the advances of DNA testing he was able to be indentified, so his remains where returned to his family.

The Tomb of the Unknowns is a whole monument dedicated to all the service men and women and not just the ones laid to rest there although the unknowns currently there have all been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Congress first approved the Tomb of the Unknowns to be started on March 4th, 1921 and the first unknown from WWI was honored and placed in the tomb on November 11th, 1921. Bothe WWII and Korean unknowns were honored on May 30th, 1958. The Vietnam unknown was honored on May 28th, 1984. Due to the advances in DNA testing the Vietnam unknown was able to be identified in June of 1998 and was then returned to his family for a proper military burial.

It is a freat honor to become a tomb guard and a lot of hard work is not only required but demanded. The tomb is guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and bad weather doesn't keep the guards from thier duty. Even this past winter when the cemetery had shut down for several days due to the excessive amount of snow Washington D.C. received.

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37/100 Being a Veteran

Back in the summer of 2001 I went through Marine Basic Training, well in September of 2001 an event happened that changed America forever. Well that started a war on terrorism, and so America went into Afghanistan in search of Osama bin Laden. America didn't stop at Afghanistan, we also decided to invade Iraq.

This is the part I come in. It was thought that there was WMDs or weapons of mass destruction all over Iraq. So I along with my unit was sent over to Iraq just days after the initial invasion into Iraq incase there were any chemical attacks. I had been activated months before this spending my time in Texas sending chemical protective gear out to all the other reserve units that had been activated, and was now in a giant sand box in case of an attack. Well none were used/found and so my trip was short lived, leaving Iraq after only 3 months. I spent the rest of the year still activated in Texas.

Most people thank veterans for their service and I always feel a little weird about accepting thanks because there are so many servicemen & women that made a much bigger sacrifice then I did, some of them even being friends of mine. I veiew it as I was just doing my job and why should I derserve thanks. Most people say its the thought that you were even there and the fact that you served your country, but I still have a hard time accepting thanks. So I ask you that when you thank a veteran for whatever reason, make sure they are alright with taking the thanks. Even some that deserve it, won't take it, and the there are some that over welcome it, and feel that they are owed it, and tend to push it a little far.