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RP 100 – Ricardo

What better way to ring in the new year, then with looking at this picture. Kind of weird, but still interesting?


RP 099 – Pacman Movie

Yeah I don't know how that would work either?


RP 097 – Mac Wood Paneling

Since getting a mac computer I can finally get into mac type backgrounds and not feel weird showing it on a PC. This is one of the weird first ones that I came across and really liked.


RP 096 – Shooting

For the final time I don't know if this will work, but if it does, it is funny.


RP 092 – Alien Invaders the Movie

Coming to a theater near you?


RP 086 – Idea

Do you have one?


RP 083 – I Like Pancakes

I wonder if she likes pancakes? I know I do, and sometimes waffles too.


RP 080 – Green Orb

This is one of the original desktop backgrounds that I truly enjoy, and occasionally go back too.


RP 075 – Jimmy Conrad Podcast

He may wear the number 12, but he is number 1 in a lot of people's mind, and not only does he blog on his website, but he also does a podcast now. It has been a very interesting podcast because its not often that a professional athlete voices his opinion or much of anything on a consistent basis...

Well sort of? There are those that probably shouldn't open their mouths sometimes, but they are usually football players, and sometimes baseball players. Jimmy Conrad is not one of those people. He is more along the lines of being interested in what he has to say.


RP 064 – Hair Polamalu

Troy did you take my shampoo?

When is his hair going to have its own fan club. Seriously its almost to the point that Pittsburgh is going to have to play with only 10 players on the field because his hair accounts for a second player. Think about how much faster he would be if he shaved his head. On second thought can this fake picture become reality, because then he might be at normal speed to everybody else.