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RP 099 – Pacman Movie

Yeah I don't know how that would work either?


RP 092 – Alien Invaders the Movie

Coming to a theater near you?


RP 083 – I Like Pancakes

I wonder if she likes pancakes? I know I do, and sometimes waffles too.


RP 060 – Harry Potter with Guns

I would have to agree! Seriously how interesting would Harry Potter be if wands were replaced with guns. Talk about messing some people up.


RP 051 – Metroid Prime Movie?

I have never really played Metroid or Metroid Prime or any of the games from that serious, but I always thought that the main character was a guy, because most games at the time this series started didn't have female characters (or female gamer/players really) but I guess that would be hair hanging out from the back of the suit, that I just never really paid any mind too. Probably because I never played the game, had I of ever played then I probably would of know. Any way this picture was taken from the commercial of the possible(?) upcoming movie.


RP 048 – Starwars Force Unleashed 2

What can I say, I loved this game. Well not the second one yet, but I know that I will, the first one was killer, and you should check it out and then buy the sequel for me. (Xbox 360 please)


RP 043 – Boondock Saints

Just a little artwork from probably one of the greatest cult classic movies ever. And if you haven't seen Boondock Saints then shame on you! Go watch it right now, and then watch the sequel, and get ready for the third installment in the future.


RP 042 – Don’t Panic

If you know what this is, then good on you. If you don't, then there isn't much about the universe that you know. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Here is a hint though: The answer is 42.


RP 041 – Galatic Rebellion for Dummies

I am really on a roll for posting funny pictures and have another one for tomorrow.

If you don't get this picture then your not a nerd.


RP 012 – Who’s the bitch now

This picture cracks me up every time I look at it, and why shouldn't it. How many people do you think that Bob Barker could actually beat up. Well apparently Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore is one of those people. Ah, great movie. JACKASS!