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Comets get big victory over Wings to lead season series 3-1

Comets came into this game hoping to still ride the high from the much needed and big win over Syracuse. The Comets have done fairly well at home this season but have still had their struggles. The Wings have really picked up the pace lately to even include beating the Comets in their last match up in Whicita. So this game was sure to be an interesting one. The way these two teams play each other it is never surprising to see somebody ejected before the end.

1st Quarter
I mentioned something about being interesting before and the first quarter didn't dissappoint. The Comets took an early lead and it was clear that this game was going to be physical. The Comets saw three blue cards and a yellow card in the first quarter which is something you normally don't see in an entire game. Regardless the Wings were able to take a 7-3 lead over the Comets with one of their goals being a 3 point goal that took a deflection off Leo Gibson who seemed to be trying to get out of the way for GK Waltman to make the save but just didn't work out.

2nd Quarter
Just as entertaining as the first quarter was the second quarter was as well but quite a bit milder as the Comets were able to keep all their players on the field for the entire quarter. That helped the Comets to pull ahead of the Wings 14-9 at the end of the second quarter. Sosa scored two fo the five goals in this quarter which gave the Comets a huge lift.

3rd Quarter
I mentioned that this game would most likely get an ejection and with the way the Comets kept getting fouls against the Wings I would of figured it would have been a Comets player. Well actually it was a former Comets player and current Wings player Geison that ended up being ejected. This was a good thing as the Comets continued to play much like they did to end the first half netting three more goals all being two pointer, but more importantly the Comets kept the Wings scoreless to take a 20-9 lead to end the third quarter.

4th Quarter
Luckily this game ended with only one player being sent off, which is really quite surprising but also a good thing as I'm also surprised there was no major injuries. The Comets were able to finish off the Wings scoring another two goals and only allowing the Wings to score one goal in this quarter. The Comets are probably pretty happy to string together two wins back to back as they closed out this game 24-11 and get set to play again shortly against the Wave.

Winning can be contagious and hopefully the Comets have been able to catch it and can get themselves back on track to make a run into the playoffs and potentionally at the championship, but there are still a lot of games left and time will tell.


Comets get back on the winning side of ball against Syracuse in 4th meeting

The Comets come into this game having recently struggled in recent match ups an losing their last four games. Despite the Comets problems, especially halfway through the season and mostly on the road, there are a couple of good stats for the team. Defender Leo Gibson was 2nd in the league in blocks only being a few behind 1st place and well in front of 3rd place. Midfielder Vahid Assadpour came into this game tied for first in the league with the most three point shots which is impressive seeing that there seems to be far less three point goals being scored so far this season.

1st Quarter
Comets were off to a fast start dominating and controlling the ball on both sides of the field with Syracuse seemingly having no answer to stop the Comets or even net a goal themselves as the quarter ended 6-0 with the Comets on top. I'm starting to wonder if the Comets finally got sick and tired of struggling like they have, which who wouldn't be, but those were some tough loses against the Wings and Soul.

2nd Quarter
Wherever the Comets started Syracuse picked up as they were able to finally pick up two goals with one of them being a three point goal. Not sure where the Comets stellar start went but it needed to be found again and in a hurry because Syracuse is a team that will drown anybody given the chance.

3rd Quarter
Third quarter was even different than the first half as both team were not exactly looking like fire starters. Both teams traded goals and then Syracuse was able to net a late goal to take back the lead. Not exactly the way either team probably wanted to start the second half.

4th Quarter
The Comets came out fast and hard retaking the lead in under two minutes and continued to dominate and control the rest of the game. The Comets did so well in the fourth quarter that they were able to even score a goal while being down a player while Cristiano was sitting in the penalty box for two minutes for tripping. It is a good accomplishment if you are able to keep the other team from scoring while being shorthanded let alone scoring a goal.

We can only hope that with the way the Comets were able to close out this game that they are able to turn things around and hopefully keep the momentum going and put together a series of wins and their next match up will be against the Wings for a fourth time this season. The Wings are just under the Comets in standings but the Comets really should be the better team and should be able to win their next game but they should never take the Wings lightly nor do I doubt that they will.


Comets look off in attempted comeback as Chicago Soul win (Summary)

I am going to try and keep this short as this game was just one of those odd match ups that could really go either way. Both teams having their own struggles this year. The Comets only winning, I believe, one game on the road with a lot of early road games in the season and the Chicago Soul just struggling in general as a first year franchise were set to play each other for the first time in Chicago. Really this game having ended 13-8 in the Chicago Soul's favor could of just as easily been 13-8 in the Comets favor who having been one of the top teams in the MISL the past few years would except that and hopefully get them back to a winning track.

Really the Comets have just seemed to be really off this season in the losses that they have suffered, which usually if the game is close in score the play really isn't that close as the Comets have been getting dominated by the other teams that they have lost too. Now on the flip side of things when the Comets when they have completely controlled the game and in some instances have just put a drubbing on the other team, but the further we get into this season the less we see or even realize that was just a month ago.

I'm really hoping that the Comets can work their issues out and get back on form so that they can have another chance at making a run towards the MISL Championship game which they have easily made it to the playoffs the last two years but have fallen just short of being able to make it to the final game. At the rate they are going this season they could very well struggle to even make it to the playoffs. I think if any team can turn it around though it is the Comets and once they stop traveling so much we will see them get back to being the solid team that they have been the last couple years.


Wings have 3rd times a charm win against the Comets

Well this was a game that the Comets were looking to rebound after a rough previous weekend. But the Wichita Wings having also had their struggles this season were looking for redemption against the Comets after losing the first two games against the Comets at the beginning of the season. Both teams played well but one team was clearly better in this match up and the other team either has some work to do or are just in the middle of a slump.

The first quarter of play was probably a good indicator of how the game was going to go for the Comets as they were subject to either some stellar plays or luck plays and were kept scoreless in the first quarter for the numerous time this year. The Wings again looking for redemption did look to be a bit aggressive and were quite physical against the Comets almost seeming to get away with some questionable calls in this first quarter as it came to an end 4-0 in the Wings favor.

The Comets started this quarter pressuring hard and almost suffered dearly for it as they went down 6-0 during the quarter but Alvarez was able to finally get the Comets on the board but their seemingly errant play and the Wings surprisingly good play just continued and the Comets despite their efforts just couldn't seem to figure out how to get things fully going and they ended the half with the Wings leading 6-2.

Comets still being down by two goals came out and seemed to finally get their act together holding the Wings scoreless for the entire third quarter and were able to add another goal to end the third quarter down only 4-6. This really should have been the quarter that the Comets could of taken the lead and most likely should have but the Wings did go into a defensive shell and with the help of their GK were able to fight off wave after wave of attack to even include the Comets GK Waltman coming up to the midfield line from time to time to help in the attack.

Do or die time for the Comets as the final 15 minutes of play were a very interesting 15 minutes as the Comets still including the GK Waltman kept pushing to even try and tie the game but the Wings defense and GK were still able to hold strong and with a few, again almost lucky but could be good plays, attacks after defensive stances score a couple more goals to put the score at 10-4 as the final horn was blown and the Comets fell hard.

This was a rough game for the Comets and the upcoming series will be no different as they play two games again on Friday and Saturday night and even worse are playing in Chicago and then back home against Syracuse who is a team that has given the Comets problems twice already this year and hopefully being back home the Comets can have a third times a charm win of the Silver Knights.


Comets have rough weekend against good foes

This season has Comets has more than seen its struggles while playing on the road. This past weekend was no different as the Comets had to take on two of the top teams in the MISL in the Syracuse Silver Knights and Baltimore Blast but failed to beat either team and in different fashions after the Friday night attempt did not work.

Friday - Syracuse Silver Knights
The Comets came into this game having not being able to fair very well against the Silver Knights in recent match up and this game wasn't much different. The Comets did come out trying to knock out the Silver Knights early but just wasn't happening. It just seemed like it wasn't the Comets night as they allowed Syracuse to score off three power plays which is something that they hadn't done all season. I believe that part of the reason why the Silver Knights were able to continuously to hold off the Comets from game to game is because right before this match up Syracuse signed two former Comets to their squad to include Neto, who scored a few of the goals for the Silver Knights in this match up. Combine that with the fact that the Silver Knights are apparently a pretty physical team and the Comets just had no answer for the Silver Knights as the Comets fell 18-8 for the final score.

Saturday - Baltimore Blast
Well there may not be a lot to say as this game was against the Baltimore Blast who heading into this match up were still undefeated and the Comets failed to be the first team to take them down on the second try and lost 15-9. Comets had a lot going against them in this match up. They were playing the top team so far in the MISL, they had played the night before against a good Syracuse Silver Knights team, which also meant that they had to travel and pretty much immedietely play with very little rest. This ended up just not being one of those games that you want to remember as despite the Comets best efforts in the fourth quarter and scoring 7 points just wasn't enough of a comeback being that they hadn't scored a single point/goal in the first three quarters of play and that is what really put the Comets down. It is however good to have them continously fight even when getting down in the games and having it be late they keep pressuring to get any sort of a result.

The Comets next match up consist of again traveling to their closet competitor but also probably their biggest rival in the Wichita Wings. These two battled it out at the beginning of the season in back to back games with the Comets being the victor in both match ups but have been on the slide down as of late and just being right at .500 winning percentage. Luckily the Wings have struggled even more and it looks like the Comets might be able to get in another win in the lone game that they have this weekend and come back home for some rest.


Comets take down Chicago Soul in first meeting between the two teams

This was to be the first ever meeting between the Chicago Soul and Missouri Comets and everything on paper looked to point at the Comets getting back on the winning side of things after losing three straight games. The Soul, who had some very intersting colors to say the least, had a very interesting stat line going against them coming into this game and that was that they were ranked last for offensive power only scoring 9 points per game. The Comets on the other hand had pretty much only been allowing 10 points per game. The thing that a lot of people including myself were concerned about tough was that starting GK Danny Waltman was still out injured and Boris Pardo would be getting that start again in this game. To me and I'm sure others the concern is that Danny who hadn't missed a minute, besides sixth attacker time, last season obviously meant that Boris, who was the back up last season as well, hadn't got any playing time.

Very back and forth as both teams wer most likely trying to feel each other out and see how they played. The one score that happened, by Chicago and former Comet player Bato, was a well executed back heel and held to that as the first quarter ended 0-2 in favor of Chicago.

Saw the Comets mostly dominate by getting on the score board in the first two minutes with the addition of three other goals, but were also letting the Soul hang in there with the Soul adding another goal as well. Soul could of easily scored more but both the Comets defense and GK Pardo came up big.

Soul tried to fight back early in the third quarter by adding another early goal even despite the Comets defense and GK Pardo's best efforts stopping a few shots before finally allowing the goal. This quarter was a lot like the first quarter with a lot of baack and forth but this quarter seemed more like it was because both teams defenses were coming up when needed.

Was interesting to say the least as the Comets seem to try and put away the Soul, as they should have been trying to do, but the Soul wasn't having it and continued to fight even after going down 12-6. The comets held strong even after the Soul brough on their sixth attacker, and keeping him on even though they swithced when a free kick for the Comets inside the arch was coming, though it was probably too little too late in order to give the Soul a proper chance at a come back.

This was a really good game for the Comets to be back into the winning side of things and was fun to watch. No offense to the Soul but there was really never any concern that the Soul would probably watch this game and even despite their fight the Comets pretty much controlled and dominated this game. The key now though is to see if the Comets will continue which they should have a good test coming up very quickly as they head off for a double header weekend against Syracuse Silver Knights and the Baltimore Blast.


50/50 Ball: Comets fall in defensive bought against Blast

Both the Comets and the Blast came into this game undeafeted and one team wouldn't be leaving that way, mostly because indoor soccer can't end in a draw like most outdoor soccer matches can. Despite both team's best efforts there was a victor but it took until almost half time for either of the team to even get on the scoreboard.

Good: Their defense looked very strong as they were able to keep the Blast from scoring until only a few minutes left in the 2nd quarter and for the most part continued to play well as a defensive group for falling behind in the score as the defense had to keep tracking up and down the field in a faster pace to keep the Blast from furthering their score.

Bad: Not scoring while keeping the Blast from also scoring. The Comets this season have had to come from behind in most of their games and I mentioned a couple post ago that continuing to do that is going to come back to bite them in the ass and the Blast might have completely exploited that in this match. Hopefully and I would like to think that they could but the Comets should be able to rebound from this stumble and push through.

Good: Continued their dominate form from last year as they were able to hold the Comets from scoring just two goals the entire time and both of them in the 2nd half of the game. The Blast look to be one of the strongest team again this season and it will be interesting to see how they play against each other in the other three match ups this season.

Bad: Were unable to get past the Comets defense earlier in the game like some of the other recently played games that the Comets have had to include Syracuse. Yes the Silver Knights might not of shown a lot but they were able to get on the score board before the Blast were against the Comets. Hopefully that isn't going to become a trend for the Blast. I'm sure we will see the Blast back in the post season though this year and most likely pushing for the title again.


50/50 Ball: Comets take game into OT for victory over current MISL Champs to go 3-0 on season.

Well this was definitely an interesting game for the Comets as it was a major early season test for the Comets as they played the current champions (again) and always dangerous Miluakee Wave. Comets again struggled a bit at the beginning and much like the first two games were able to battle back and send the game into extra time and were able to pull out the win.

Good: Comets continue to battle back in games and get the result they need. It is still early in the season, but this is an important part of playing the game that the Comets need to make sure they focus on as it is impossible to win games if you get down early and just let everything go. It also won't just effect the result of that game but mostly the next game and if it continues then the next game as well. Because the Comets are continuing to battle back early to get the results we should see them continue to battle back if they get down in other games as well. It may not always work out in their favor but the important part is that they are battling back.

Bad: Just as it is good that they continue to battle back it is also a bad thing as it can be quite exhausting on the body to continue to do so. It is also bad because simply the Comets should not be starting all their games off in the hole. This game wasn't as bad as the first two games as the Comets were able to keep the game close for most of the game, so it wasn't nearly the same battle they had in their first two games. I believe that these next three games to close out November could be telling to see how the rest of the season will go.

Good: The Wave being the all time leading champion and having won the last two years championship looked very good and the argument could be that they should of won this game, but they were playing against one of the best GKs in the MISL and the Comets defense when focused can easily dominate. The Wave with one of the best Head Coaches in the league and doubles as the US Futsal National Team Coach should be able to have yet another decent season and should expect any meeting with the Comets this season to be a good match to see.

Bad: Simply they let the Comets come back and even win the game. The Wave to me seems like a team that will just try to coast if they have any sort of a lead and if a team ties it up will just go and get another goal to regain the lead. It usually works for them obviously but as good as the Wave tend to be really should be able to go out there and just tear apart most teams.


Comets pick up second victory against the Wings during weekend series

It was kind of hard for me to watch this game as closely as I wanted to as Sporting was also playing their first leg play and not very good I might add. The Comets on the other hand were playing very well and controlling the game that they were in over the Wichita Wings and in Wichita for that matter just a couple days after having a huge comeback win over the Wings. It didn't seem like it was a huge game especially with it being early in the season, second game to be exact, but it pretty much went just as expected. This game really could of gone either way but the Comets being the more seasoned team with the better more veteran players they were able to cruise to a 19-10 victory despite the Wichita Wings best efforts.

I believe if the Wings, or as I have kind of called them Comets B squad as they have four former Comets on their squad now, keep up playing like they play then they should be a solid squad all year long and could be pushing not only for a playoff spot but possibly for a finals spot depending on how the Blast and the Wave do this year as well. Regardless it is just the beginning of the season and both the Comets and the Wings have to play each other a couple more times and we can fully expect those to be big games, unless something drastic and bad happens, and these teams will continue to duke it out whenever they play each other and those will be matches that you don't want to miss.

I obviously watch the Comets as closely as I can but I think this year that I am going to have to try and keep close tabs on the Wings and how they do during the season so that I can be more informed and thus be able to inform all my fellow readers even more besides just all my Comets knowledge. This season has just gotten underway but I am still super pumped and will enjoy every minute I can of this season and only hope that I can provide good coverage of each game I get to watch. Luckily a lot if not all of the games will be streamed live on so if you get a chance, and I suggest you find the time, to watch some games then I seriously suggest that you do that.


50/50 Ball: Comets go on 16-0 run against Wings to pull off 0-13 deficit comeback and win home opener

Wow wow wow! What a way to start off the season for both teams the Missouri Comets and Wichita Wings. I said in my preview that it was going to be a good game and although most of the first two quarters looked like the Wings were the better team the Comets found a way to comeback and go on a 16 point unanswered streak and only allowed one PK late in the fourth quarter to successfully pull off the comeback and sealing it off with a last second additional goal to allow the Comets to win their home opener 18-15 in front of 5,126 fans.

The Wings again looked like the better team for most of the first two quarters playing very aggressive but surprisingly both teams kept it very clean in those first two quarters as nobody was ever sent off with a Blue or Yellow card, even with both teams getting, not a lot, but a few amount of fouls between each team. Wings seemed to come in fully ready for the games and found a rhythm early that the Comets just couldn't seem to get into to also include Danny Waltman the Comets star goalkeeper. The Comets just seemed to be lacking something until very late in the second quarter when they were able to start their 16 point unanswered run. The Comets continued to dominate the game with a very good rhythm for the last two quarters of the game and completely shutting the Wings out in the third quarter and the first twelve minutes of the fourth quarter only allowing the one PK.

The Comets seemed to play a bit of a different game then you see most indoor teams play and tried to keep it as slow as they could with times of aggressiveness. That tactic doesn't seem to often work for the any indoor team but the Comets were able to find a way to make it work and as long as they keep teams from scoring, not to include the first two quarters of play, then they should do alright. This was definitely an interesting game just as I suspected to say the least and these two teams play each other again in just a couple of days on Sunday but this time it will be in Wichita for the Wings home opener.