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RP 098 – Which One is Slanted

Pretty cool photo, even though I just noticed that the car is strapped to the guard rail.


RP 095 – Car Tree

So either this is a really bad driver or somehow the tree grew from below the van?


RP 094 – No Car Should Probably Be This High

That car got some major air, but I'm wondering if the sky police is going to pull them over, because I'm pretty sure that car is going faster then 5 MPH


RP 087 – Under Water Tiger

Is it me or does this seem wrong? I know this though. That tiger looks pissed!


RP 084 – Jump to Conclusion

If you haven't seen Office Space, then stop reading right now and go watch it.


RP 081 – Political Poster

I'm not really much for politics, but still found this funny.


RP 078 – Winning

Do I need to say more?


RP 071 – Family Circle

Came across this one when I was searching for other pictures for this blog series, and found it very interesting.


RP 060 – Harry Potter with Guns

I would have to agree! Seriously how interesting would Harry Potter be if wands were replaced with guns. Talk about messing some people up.


RP 059 – New Money

I guess there was some sort of a competition to design new money, and this was just one of the ideas. I found it completely weird and almost viewed it more as book marks then possible currency for the United States