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RP 052 – A Moment of Peace

Just another really cool optical illusion type desktop background that I recently came across.


RP 050 – U.S. Flag Soccer Ball

The world cup that just happened over the summer usually causes quite a few different desktop images to arise, and I thought that this one was pretty cool


RP 045 – Devil Dog Nomenclature

This is by far one of my favorite images I've have ever come across. One reason is that I'm a Marine and another is that its funny, especially if you understand the what nomenclature means and further more if you understand what some of the things it refers to is.


RP 044 – Freedom Tower New

Picture Rendering of the new world trade center or as everybody is calling it the freedom tower. Pretty shiny, huh?


RP 040 – Blue Mountain State

Ok this is a completely fictional school, and is actually a very funny college football TV show on Spike, but seriously GO GOATS!!!


RP 036 – The Castle is in your hands

Ok, now tell me some of these optical illusion pictures aren't cool


RP 035 – Optical Illusion City

Like i've said before. I'm a sucker for optical illusion type stuff.


RP 033 – Sausage Explosion

GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! This is noting like that, but instead it is pretty much a bacon and sausage burrito, that uses bacon has the tortilla. How healthy does that sound? Yeah not really, but it is good.

Yes I have had it before. Got to love Oklahoma Joes.


RP 030 – Baby Gamer

Yeah, so maybe this is a complete copyrighted image, but I'm sure the people I copied it from weren't the originators of the image, but this isn't why I am posting it. I am posting it because this almost feels like a summary of my life. I almost think I should get this as a tattoo. Who Agrees?


RP 029 – Goofy Wife Photo

Hopefully this doesn't get me in trouble with my wife, since it is a picture of her with my youngest son, but I find it pretty funny. Credit goes to my Mother for taking the picture though. I believe she was trying to show our son how to pedal, but even he seems to find it funny that she is on the tiny tractor. I want to know if the little girl in the back ground made it up the hill though too?