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RP 088 – Little Baby Faggot

You would have to be a follow of a pretty popular podcast called Keith and the Girl. Its a really good and funny show.


RP 080 – Green Orb

This is one of the original desktop backgrounds that I truly enjoy, and occasionally go back too.


RP 075 – Jimmy Conrad Podcast

He may wear the number 12, but he is number 1 in a lot of people's mind, and not only does he blog on his website, but he also does a podcast now. It has been a very interesting podcast because its not often that a professional athlete voices his opinion or much of anything on a consistent basis...

Well sort of? There are those that probably shouldn't open their mouths sometimes, but they are usually football players, and sometimes baseball players. Jimmy Conrad is not one of those people. He is more along the lines of being interested in what he has to say.


RP 070 – Impossible Illusions

This isn't a desktop background, but could be. I have always enjoyed images like this, because it makes no sense, but at the same time makes complete sense.


RP 069 – Joker Arkham Asylum

Pretty cool image that came out before the Batman:Arkham Asylum Video Game. Stay tuned for more images coming soon that should be from the sequel Arkham City.


RP 068 – WRX Through Windows Bliss Wallpaper

Well I would like to say that the desktop wallpapers would stop, but looking at my schedule I actually have quite a bit, but you have to admit that this one is pretty cool, and I actually know the person that made it, so that makes it even cooler to me.


RP 067 – Grandpa

This is a photo of one of my grandfathers when he drove with the Ararat Shrine Temple Mini Indy Group. He was one of the lead vehicles that was actually a Mini Corvette. I loved riding around in this little car with him. Its pretty much a go-kart but has a shell of a cool car.


RP 062 – Motivational Ninja?

My thoughts exactly. I rather be eaten by a shark. At least that is to be expected when swimming in the ocean.


RP 060 – Harry Potter with Guns

I would have to agree! Seriously how interesting would Harry Potter be if wands were replaced with guns. Talk about messing some people up.


RP 058 – WC Goal Keeper

During the World Cup I looked at a bunch of different pictures of players and game pictures, came across this one and really enjoyed it, so I saved it. Doesn't help that I usually play goal keeper and this is exactly that.