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Bill & Ted was a Tribute to Doctor Who


First let me state that I don't have any solid facts to prove anything that I am about to say. Honestly anything on any of my post are most likely my opinion and should pretty much be taken as so. I wanted to post on this topic because I was recently listening to Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcast and this topic kind of came up and I wanted to follow up on it a little more and see if I could possible spark a little more interest.

Anybody my age or close has most likely seen Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey. Both of these movies I would like to say are great but again that is my opinion and that is the opinion of a movie nerd, although I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me. Bill & Ted's movie saga is about two young struggling musicians that are given a time traveling phone booth and the rest of the story is in the movies.

Almost anybody you talk to has probably heard of Doctor Who but quite a few have probably not seen it and even fewer could probably tell you anything about Doctor Who. Well Doctor Who is a time lord that travels through time saving people and keeping disasters from happening. He travels in a machine called a Tardis which looks like a 1970s style London Police Box that looks like a phone booth, which conveniently does not work well until later I guess but I haven't made it that far into the series.

What is the connection here? The phone booth. Doctor Who is obviously quite a bit older then the Bill & Ted movies, although a lot of recent Doctor Who fans probably don't realize that, so I ask is Bill & Ted's time traveling phone booth a tribute to the Doctor Who's Tardis?

I encourage you to watch either or both Bill & Ted movies and then start watching Doctor Who. In my opinion both are exceptionally great and although I said my opinion can be taken as just that I typically don't suggest things that I don't think people will enjoy.