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RP 100 – Ricardo

What better way to ring in the new year, then with looking at this picture. Kind of weird, but still interesting?


RP 097 – Mac Wood Paneling

Since getting a mac computer I can finally get into mac type backgrounds and not feel weird showing it on a PC. This is one of the weird first ones that I came across and really liked.


RP 089 – Lego Universe (WP2)

I enjoyed this one as well as the first one, so I'm putting both up here, and just made sure that I spread them apart.


RP 082 – Hatter

I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and came across this desktop background when the recent Tim Burton version came out.


RP 080 – Green Orb

This is one of the original desktop backgrounds that I truly enjoy, and occasionally go back too.


RP 074 – Beach

Not exactly the type of beach I would want to go to, but with as cold as it can get where I live, I would even take this one. Hurricanes would be funny to see. Don't you think?


RP 072 – FIFA World Cup Free Kick

Well not really, but I'm sure this is how somebody taking a free kick during the world cup would feel. Unless your looking at it from the other side of the ball.


RP 069 – Joker Arkham Asylum

Pretty cool image that came out before the Batman:Arkham Asylum Video Game. Stay tuned for more images coming soon that should be from the sequel Arkham City.


RP 068 – WRX Through Windows Bliss Wallpaper

Well I would like to say that the desktop wallpapers would stop, but looking at my schedule I actually have quite a bit, but you have to admit that this one is pretty cool, and I actually know the person that made it, so that makes it even cooler to me.


RP 065 – Bloom

Yes its another desktop background, but tell me it isn't somewhat cool.