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RP 100 – Ricardo

What better way to ring in the new year, then with looking at this picture. Kind of weird, but still interesting?


RP 098 – Which One is Slanted

Pretty cool photo, even though I just noticed that the car is strapped to the guard rail.


RP 095 – Car Tree

So either this is a really bad driver or somehow the tree grew from below the van?


RP 087 – Under Water Tiger

Is it me or does this seem wrong? I know this though. That tiger looks pissed!


RP 086 – Idea

Do you have one?


RP 084 – Jump to Conclusion

If you haven't seen Office Space, then stop reading right now and go watch it.


RP 079 – Dolphin Tatoo

Came across this picture and thought it was really cool.


RP 078 – Winning

Do I need to say more?


RP 071 – Family Circle

Came across this one when I was searching for other pictures for this blog series, and found it very interesting.


RP 062 – Motivational Ninja?

My thoughts exactly. I rather be eaten by a shark. At least that is to be expected when swimming in the ocean.