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RP 092 – Alien Invaders the Movie

Coming to a theater near you?


RP 091 – Wizard of Oz Funny

Being that I'm from the land of oz. Well kind of, this is funny. Probably more so then to the rest of the country/world.


RP 088 – Little Baby Faggot

You would have to be a follow of a pretty popular podcast called Keith and the Girl. Its a really good and funny show.


RP 081 – Political Poster

I'm not really much for politics, but still found this funny.


RP 060 – Harry Potter with Guns

I would have to agree! Seriously how interesting would Harry Potter be if wands were replaced with guns. Talk about messing some people up.


RP 049 – Uncle Sam Hates KU?

Hey! I didn't make it, but I know there are people that wishes the government did in fact hate KU, but I seriously doubt that will happen anytime soon.


RP 047 – Improve Cell Reception

This not real image came out shortly after it was acknowledged that the iPhone's recepetion wasn't what it always said it was. Kind of funny, and yes I have an iPhone and still love it. Mostly because I don't live in a city like New York, Chicago or LA so suck it big cities.


RP 042 – Don’t Panic

If you know what this is, then good on you. If you don't, then there isn't much about the universe that you know. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Here is a hint though: The answer is 42.


RP 041 – Galatic Rebellion for Dummies

I am really on a roll for posting funny pictures and have another one for tomorrow.

If you don't get this picture then your not a nerd.


RP 040 – Blue Mountain State

Ok this is a completely fictional school, and is actually a very funny college football TV show on Spike, but seriously GO GOATS!!!