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87/100 Camelbak

During my time in the Corps, as the salty dogs of the Marine Corps would say, a newer piece of revolutionary equipment came out called the camelbak. This changed how all service members would drink water almost immediately. Usually any new piece of equipment takes forever to get approved by the military, but it was almost as if everybody just decided that this was a must have item.

I spent $50 on a pretty good one, and loved it. It was called the stealth, it had a lower profile then most, and although it didn't have storage on it like most camelbaks did, I was able to wear it with pretty much anything and everything, including with a pack on over-top of the camelbak.

The camelbak has become popular and versatile enough that long distance runners have also been using it them. So what was one of the first things you would think I would be looking for when I started running my longer runs for my marathon training? That's right my camelbak. Only problem is that I have seemed to of miss placed my amazing camelbak. My biggest problem is that I could really use it, especially with my longer runs now being over 10 miles. But I have no clue where it got to, and after not using it for a few years, I don't even know where I could of put it. I thought I knew, but yep not a clue.

So I am trying to save up to get a new one, but I also have to save up to pay for my marathon entry fee. It really stinks not having a camelbak, but I will just keep having to place bottles of water along my routes and hope that somebody doesn't mess with them or worse, an animal piss on them.


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