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23/100 Budgeting

This is actually a pretty good picture of what I should be following.

Recently I posted a blog about starting the pursuit of becoming debt free. I am still following the plan to become debt free, but feel like I have failed at one aspect of it so far.

That one aspect is probably one of the most imprtant items to follow though. Having a budget setup is key to being able to get out of debt, or so I've been told. I have yet to actually setup a budget and even as I write this have not made a budget. I think sitting down and actually doing it seems very difficult, but we still seem to be struggling paycheck to paycheck. Almost as if we receive $100 but feel like we owe $101 plus interest, which can't be true because we make enough. So that means that we have to be spending too much somewhere, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we don't make enough. Maybe I need to get a second job. Maybe I just need to do a budget and I need to get my act in order.

I still think that I should probably pursue getting a second job, but feel like that is hard to do, especially with so many people needing a job as well. Not entirely sure what I should do, but I think the first step should be starting a budget.


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