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47/100 Boulevard Brewing Company

Being a Kansas City born and raised male, I've come to love pretty much anything to do with Kansas City, yes even the Royals and Chiefs despite their recent lacluster performances. One thing that I've come to really like lately is a locally brewed beer company by the name of Boulevard.

Boulevard Brewing Company has made quite a name for itself since it opened its operation in 1989, yeah pretty short time line so far. It is already listed as the 8th largest craft brewery in the United States and I only see them getting bigger. They have already gone under 3 expansions and are still located in the same location that they started off in, delivering to 20 midwest states (suck it east and west coast! except Washington)

Not only do they brew beer to include their top two sellers of wheat beer and pale ale, they have also introduced a series called smokestack series, which are suppose to be like a nicer alcohol with higher alcohol content that come in larger (750 ml) bottles, and I will tell you that the 2 that I have tried have been very good. Actually all the Boulevards that I have tried so far have been good, and no I haven't tried them all, but I plan on it.

Boulevard has seasonal brews as well and continue to bring out new ones. If you ever find yourself in the KC area, you should go take one of their tours, where you also get to sample the different brews.

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