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37/100 Being a Veteran

Back in the summer of 2001 I went through Marine Basic Training, well in September of 2001 an event happened that changed America forever. Well that started a war on terrorism, and so America went into Afghanistan in search of Osama bin Laden. America didn't stop at Afghanistan, we also decided to invade Iraq.

This is the part I come in. It was thought that there was WMDs or weapons of mass destruction all over Iraq. So I along with my unit was sent over to Iraq just days after the initial invasion into Iraq incase there were any chemical attacks. I had been activated months before this spending my time in Texas sending chemical protective gear out to all the other reserve units that had been activated, and was now in a giant sand box in case of an attack. Well none were used/found and so my trip was short lived, leaving Iraq after only 3 months. I spent the rest of the year still activated in Texas.

Most people thank veterans for their service and I always feel a little weird about accepting thanks because there are so many servicemen & women that made a much bigger sacrifice then I did, some of them even being friends of mine. I veiew it as I was just doing my job and why should I derserve thanks. Most people say its the thought that you were even there and the fact that you served your country, but I still have a hard time accepting thanks. So I ask you that when you thank a veteran for whatever reason, make sure they are alright with taking the thanks. Even some that deserve it, won't take it, and the there are some that over welcome it, and feel that they are owed it, and tend to push it a little far.


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