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4/100 Becoming Debt Free

This is what we felt like starting, but the bag already feels about half that weight. Not because we are halfway done, but because we are actually working on getting rid of the debt.

In the last few months my money problems had become worse, and we were struggling to really even get buy. We had more money going out then was coming in.

We (my wife and I) decided to take some drastic measures and start cutting out lots of extra expenses. We have cut out my website hosting plan (I will go into that more later,) my iPhone Date plan (which I'm still crying over,) the home internet (which my wife is still crying over, and I get to hear about it daily,) netflix, and I'm sure there were some other things that we got rid of that I cannot recall right now. We were going to get rid of the cable (satelite), but decided to keep it and are looking into trying to lower the cost. I keep trying to convince my wife that we should trade the cable with the internet because we can watch pretty much all the same shows online, but that is a whole different argument.

It has been a struggle still, but I know that we are making progress, especially since we finally received our tax refund check. Which allowed us to put a starting emergency fund aside and pay off the first credit card that we hadn't even paid on in a couple months. I have had a suprising amount of support from friends and family members, to include a military buddy, that is now allowing me to point my(this) website to his server. The website had already been paid for, for the next year, so I wanted to make sure it didn't go to waste, so he allowed me to point my website to his server and thus allowing me to continue to blogging and providing content for people to follow.

I have had a good amount of support from family members, even using their own money to help us pay for replacement stuff (like a washer, albeit that it didn't work, but I'm not going to fault family for that) and I didn't realize just how much support we got from family members till we decided to become debt free. [Shame on me!]

It will be a long process of becoming debt free, but I cannot wait till we are done, which if we can focus on it intensly, should be in about 2 years. Maybe we will get lucky and get some extra money, and get this paid off even quicker.

Our goal for when we get done is to go on a awesome family cruise and not have to worry about our damn credit cards getting maxed out, because I plan on paying for it all with cash, and maybe even enjoying some extra beverages, or expeditions on the cruise with the family.

So please feel free to throw me some donation money, if you can. Otherwise please just enjoy the blog, as I hope it is my donation to you.


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