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75/100 Bamboo Bicycle

One of my first post on this 100/100 venture was about bicycle repair and just how badly I was doing at it. Well I was able to find somebody to atleast make my bike serviceable for the race I was going to be in, but still needs a lot of repair. (oh hey look there is a donate button right there to the left)

While the guy, that works out of his personal home garage, was fixing my bike he asked how I found out about him, and thought that I had seen a post about his bamboo bikes.

Apparently he makes these bamboo framed bikes, and they are starting to become quite popular, so I decided to look into it a little bit (wikipedia) and one of the features that I guess is designed in mind when this bike is made is vibration damping, crash tolerance, and of course a more natural look of the bike. I guess having a bamboo framed bike provides a very smooth and comfortable ride.

I thought it was pretty crazy looking, but still pretty cool that somebody could make something like that and use it on a day to day basis. It was suprisingly durable too, and the thing about bamboo is that it is incredibly strong, and if it breaks, it will just snap, and not bend like metal usually does. I also found out that the first showcased bamboo bike was on April 26, 1894.

There is apparently different ways to have a bamboo bicycle to include wrapping another bicycle with bamboo, but I think its much cooler to actually have a bike frame made competely of bamboo.

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