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A Success by Error.

Thinking Man

I have competed in many sports throughout my life. I have had a lot of coaches through the years. One of the most important lessons that I ever learned was from a bowling coach. "Never think the success of an error is a good thing," Coach Donnie.
Coach was helping me get ready for a tournament and I was struggling to through strikes. Yet, on one shot I missed my point of aim and threw the ball wrong,but I got a strike. I ask Coach, "What about switching too that point of aim or way of throwing the ball?" Coach Donnie's response was very simple and is terrific advice. "You did not hit where you were aiming, nor did you throw the ball how you were suppose too. How do you think you can repeat that? Never think the success of an error is a good thing."
As I have become a fan of soccer or watched basketball games throughout the years. I have seen players fall into the trap. Well, this one time, in this one game, I made this kick or hit this shot. So the player in soccer will take a shot at the goal from 30+ yards away or a player will shot a 3 pointer that does not need too.
In a moment of error the player had success. Yet, now the player thinks of the success as a new skill set. When the normal outcome of the process in a loss of possession for that players team. The player is depending on a past error to create future success.
I am not saying show a lack of creativity or willing to try something. But to understand the limits of ones skills and how they affects the team. There is freedom to be had in staying within and fully developing your skill set.

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