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A Quality Match Between ManU and Chelsea

    The match was the first major test for United. United's defense looked really sloppy at times during the match. Chelsea was allowed plenty of chances on goal. Lucky for United that Chelsea's best striker is a washed up Fernando Torres. Torres had a chance at an open goal and missed. Chelsea has not seen 50 million pounds worth out of Torres. He continues to press and his play is not getting any better. Torres only has two goals in 11 matches for Chelsea.

     Chelsea had too many chances to stay in the match. De Gea played in goal awesome to limit Chelsea to just one goal. I feel though that if Drogba would have been the striker that the score line would have been different. Anderson had a terrible game for United in the middle-field. While Evans, Jones, and Smalling were stable for the most part. Fletcher was making his first start of the year for United and played well. Smalling scored his first Premier League goal, but he was off-side.

     Young and Nani continue to do a brilliant job of delivering the ball from the wing. Young took the free kick that set-up Smalling for United's first goal. Young's speed has been a welcome element to the team. Nani had an outstanding goal, in which he struck the ball from outside the penalty area. Wayne Rooney set a club record for the most goals scored in the first five match with he strike in the first half. Rooney has 9 goals so far this season and is in great form.

     The incompetent moment of the match was, the tackle that injured Chicharito and sent him out of the game was ridiculous! The Chelsea player can sliding in with studs up and with no chance to get the ball. That challenge was uncalled for and makes Chelsea looks bad for no reason. The laughable moment of the match was, Rooney's penalty kick. I don't think that I have ever seen anyone fall like that while taking a penalty. Although, he did handle himself well after the crash landing.

     I think the score line of the game is miss-leading though. The match was closer than 3-1 and that Chelsea will give United a real challenge for the Premier League title this year. The return match at Stanford Bridge should be very excited to watch and will probably be 1-1. With both of the clubs in the top two spots in the Barclays Premier League. We can only hope that Chicharito, Cleverly, and Drogba will all be healthy for that match.

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