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Sporting KC hold off the Dynamo in Houston to a nil-nil result in first leg of semi-finals

Photo taken from Sporting KC Google+ page.

Photo taken from Sporting KC Google+ page.

Sporting took on division foe Houston Dynamo for the first leg of this years conference finals marking it the third, straight, year. This time the first leg result was a more favorable result for the boys in blue as the last couple times Sporting has not been able to leave Houston with even a draw.

Sporting not playing the greatest match, being that it was scoreless draw, did what they needed to do and at least not lose the match. It now comes down to the home leg where all Sporting needs to do now is win the game, preferably in regular time, and they will be off to their first MLS Cup match in a very long time. Although not nearly as long as it has been for the Royals or Chiefs but who really pays attention to that kind of stuff?


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