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#SportingKC able to knock out NE Revs in extra time

Well Sporting needed to keep attacking, and scoring to win and be able to advance to the semi-finals and one step closer to the MLS Cup. They started out this game just trying to be relentless at scoring almost like they thought they only had 45 minutes to win the game. They had more than 10 shots on goal in the first half alone and most of those shots came from headers that were serviced into the box. The Revs GK in Matt Reis, who has always seemed liked a great guy, was lights out and stopped just about everything except for one shot. That one goal allowed Sporting to tie up the score on aggregate which would have sent the game into extra time. The second half started and the Revolution realized that they needed to provide even more pressure themselves and were eventually able to get another goal as well to re take the lead on aggregate but Sporting had also been playing their game and were able to get another beautiful goal then immediately turned around and almost got another but the Revs were able to hold on and send the game into extra time despite Sporting putting on a good effort until the dying minutes of the regulation game to win the series out right.

Extra time seemed to almost be a completely different game. The Revs had one good push in extra time that Jimmy was able to get a foot one that the defense was then able to push down the field and capitalize on to take the lead on aggregate score of 4-3. Well it didn't stop there as Sporting was smart to keep pushing and almost notched another late goal to seal it, but the Revs at that point had pretty much had it as their GK Reis had injured himself while coming out of the box to keep the ball from advancing further and made a really good effort to keep the ball from Sporting and drive it down the field but being on the older side of being a GK and not being in the best of shape having taken off like that he pulled a quad muscle, from what I'm told.

Sporting now move onto their playoff nemesis in the Houston Dynamo and one can only hope that third times (in a row) a charm and they will finally be able to knock out the Dynamo as well who just themselves knocked out the top seeded team in the NY Redbulls which would mean that if Sporting can win this series that the MLS Cup would be in Kansas City and against either the Portland Timbers or Real Salt Lake, which would either would be a really good match.


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