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6/100 KC Royals Still Sucking as Usual

Just one of the few amazing plays the Royals continue to produce

The Kansas City Royals in the last couple years have become questionably bad. Most people were alright with it for the first couple years, and then there was 2003 where they seemed to do pretty good (most consider it a fluke now,) but then there was 3 years in a row with 100+ loses. A couple years ago it looked like they might finally be turning the corner, but last year they were right there hovering around 100 loses.

This year is not looking any better. They are 60 games into 162 game season and are already 10 games below .500. .500 would state that you had one and lost the same amount of games. Granted the Royals aren't the worse team in the league, there are still a few other teams this year that has that title. Speaking of winning atleast half the games though, the Royals have not been over .500 since 1994 (excluding the fluky 2003 season, in which case they were barely over .500, .509 to be exact.)

Most would say including my self that it is because the Royals won't spend any money. That is until you see a little more about the salaries. The Royals are about 20th in salary out of 32 teams. I can tell you that they don't typically finish better then the next 12 teams, yet there are teams that are in those next 12 that have consisently finished higher then even 20.

I am about to the point that I am thinking about fully following another team, even though I have also been following the Angels the last couple years, but haven't really paid attention to them this year. THAT'S RIGHT I'M THINKING ABOUT FINALLY JUMPING SHIP! Maybe if I do they will finally have some decent years, and the rest of the Kansas City faithful will finally think that the Royals might make it to the playoffs.


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