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42/100 4th of July

Otherwise known as Independence Day. This is probably the most celebrated holiday in the United States. The meaning behind Independence Day is to celebrate the day that the United States finally declared its independence from Great Britain and signed the Declarations of Independence. This is usually celebrated by shooting fireworks, having a parade, barbecue, carnivals, concerts, or what have you, even personal firework shows. I've seen some major cash put down to celebrate being free, and why wouldn't you.

Celebrations sometimes tend to start days before the 4th of July and lately, at least in my area, don't tend to end till some time late on July 5th. Natually the 4th is the biggest day of celebration. I have quite a large family and we don't hesitate to get together on the 4th and have a barbecue and shoot off fireworks well into the night. This year won't be any different as we are also celebrating my youngest son's birthday where he will be turning three.

Almost any state or city that you live in, you should be able to go check out a huge public displayed fireworks show, because some cities have banned fireworks due to safety reasons, they tend to burn stuff down. There are other celebrations that tend to happen on the 4th, like the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island. So what's your plans for the 4th of July?


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