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43/100 Samsung 3D TV

A couple months ago I walked into a Bestbuy, just to look around because I have no money and pretty much can't afford anything any way besides the occasional iTunes card for $15. Any way, as I walked in my eye was caught by an image that almost felt like it was real. This image was coming from a Samsung 46" class* 3D LED HDTV and it was the sharpest and best picture I have ever seen. Granted it was playing Avatar from a blueray player as well, but the image seemed life like and appeared just like 3D without even having the glasses. One of the features says 3D-ready and states that the Samsung 3D technology makes images leap off the screen-so you feel like you're a part of the action. I wouldn't say it was was 3D-ready, I would say it was 3D-done. Well with the limited time that I was drooling in front of the Tv I can say that I did indeed feel like I was in the movie, it was incedible. So I had to look up more info on it and all the features are truly amazing. Well maybe not to most of you that may have a large HDTV that is also newer, but to me it is amazing. I have a 26" Insignia LCD TV that has 720p which most of you wouild ask me what is wrong with me or how I can even watch TV and why don't I have a better TV. Well like I said I'm a poor white boy and all my money goes to bills and my debt. A TV like this will keep me from getting one for a long time too with a price tag of around $2600.00 I'm sure there are a lot of people that won't be getting one quickly, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe somebody will get one and then I can try to get their older TV for cheap, thats how I get most of my stuff, by not getting new stuff.


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