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#SportingKC fall in playoff opener to the Revolution.

Taken from Sporting KCs Google+ page

Taken from Sporting KCs Google+ page

Well I know I've been slacking off this year especially towards the end of the season, but I have been keeping tabs of my team and figured I should get started posting again with the opening game of the playoffs. Not exactly the best game to get back to the whole writing thing, but not every game will always play out the way we would like. Now I've also been thinking about how I went about doing my post game reviews.

I don't want to say that Sporting lost this game thanks to the refs, but they sure didn't help matters. Sporting obviously can't rely on the refs and are expected to be able to win on their own. Sporting did what they needed to do, but just couldn't get the ball past the Revolution's GK in Matt Reis.

The Revolution on the other hand I believe won this game just from some good heads up and quick play, which is what Sporting normally does, but it seemed like Sporting was out of their element for a good portion of this game and almost seemed to be playing this game like it was a regular season match.

Luckily Sporting gets one more chance at their own stadium to move onto the Conference Final against either the NY Redbulls or the Houston Dynamo. They need to beat the Revs by at least one goal in order to send the game into extra time.


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