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Comets get demolished by Lancers much like they did in previous match against Lancer

The Comets came into this game having travel difficulties getting from their previous match up that they were able to win but were not so lucky in this match up. They did have several things going against them in that they had those travel difficulties, Rochester was looking for pay back after the drubbing they received from the Comets just a week before, and Alvarez the Comets leading scorer was out with a back strain. The Comets didn't do themselves any favors though receiving a couple penalties in the first half that the Lancers were able to for the most part easily convert. You do have to say though that the Comets never give us and after being down 15-0 at half time were able to battle back and only allowed one more goal but were unable to mount a full comeback. Luckily for the Comets they get to play the Lancers for a third time in as many weeks for the next match up.


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