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Preview: Sporting KC set to take on Chicago Fire for last time this season.

Cover Photo Google

Photo taken from Sporting KC's Google+ account and modified.

To be quite honest I am not 100% sure what to think about this game. The homer in me wants Sporting to go in there and just smoke the ever living shorts off of the Fire, but the realist in me is trying to be a bit smarter about it. Sporting has been fortunate lately to be able to beat Chicago a few times recently but it is never a tough match. Something that I also fear is that Sporting hasn't had a complete meltdown lately like they kind of did last year against the Union where they lost 0-4. I'm sure that Sporting still has a sour taste in their mouth from the San Jose loss and are looking to get back on track and stay on top and for that I can see Sporting winning this game. Now I don't want to say a score because I'm rarely correct on that but it is sure to be a good game. I'd probably be closer to saying that this game won't finish with 11 men for each team on the field then trying to guess the score.


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