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My 2012 was crazy! (Highs and Lows)

I labeled this my 2012 was crazy but also added highs and lows in the attempts to try and keep it a bit shorter. I am going to try and keep my post shorter to hopefully motivate myself to get more post out and quicker. As you can tell I haven't been doing very well even to start 2013, but that isn't because I just don't care, it would be because I am such a busy person and that would be the other reason why I have gotten bad about getting post out. Well enough of the small talk lets get to the main topic shall we.

Let's start off with the low so I can get that out of the way. There isn't very many actually come to think of it there really is only one.

- The passing of my last blood related grand-parent. Everybody called her Granny and anybody that ever met her loved her. I was fortunate enough along with most of my family got to spend one last excellent time with her as we went out for a nice Mother's Day dinner with her and she even gave me a hard time about having not shaved. Hard to imagine that she wouldn't be with us even a week later, but she had a very good life with lots and lots of family members that loved her dearly.

Now to the high's.
- One of the biggest moments of my 2012 was forming the Kansas City Shock. Everybody involved with the Shock came together in February and its been a non-stop ride ever since and are hopefully getting close to locking down a home venue which will then allow us to start pulling in some sponsors.

- Taking my two son's to Florida to include visiting Disney World and Universal Studios for Halloween. It will hopefully be something that they remember for a lifetime and it should be as it was also their first of hopefully many, many more family vacations.

- NSCAA Convention in KC was my first one and I have since started calling it comic-con for soccer people. There are panels, discussion and sessions to check out from the time it starts till the time it ends.

- Finally being able to get out of the craptastic house that was our old home and get closer to the rest of our families. Our neighborhood that we were living in was started to become a not nice area even to the point that I was nervous to go jogging at night and I have military training.

That about sums up the biggest highlights for this year. There is obviously more, but I am trying to write a blog post and not a book.


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