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2 and 2: Real Madrid – Barcelona FC (Copa Del Ray, 1st Leg)


Real Madrid and Barcelona are probably two of the most storied teams in the world and they happen to play in the same league and country. With that being said you can only imagine that when these two teams play each other a lot gets put on the line. Well the La Liga season hasn't quite started yet but these two teams just played each other in another great match for the 1st Leg of the Copa Del Ray cup which Real Madrid won last year and are obviously looking to retain.

- Started off really good and was obvious they really pushed themselves in preseason. I guess that kind of goes with out saying if you watched any of their games against the MLS during the World Football Challenge. I was nervous that they might of started letting up and relaxing but it didn't really look like it.

- Almost seem to let up for a little while after Barca scored their 2nd goal and first part of 2nd half. at least it seemed like it but when these two teams play each other weird things tend to happen and maybe they were just trying to change the flow of the game because they were able to eventually tie it up 2-2 which then they were able to hold on to till full time.

- Didn't seem to start of very strong but barca has that tendency to start off really slow. Granted Barcelona usually seems to start off slow and by the end o the game are past full speed but there just seemed to be something different about this start. Maybe it was because they were play at Real Madrid's stadium or maybe they just didn't have as good a preseason as Real Madrid but something seemed off for a while even allowing Real Madrid to score in the 12th minute of what would be a 2-2 draw.

- Seemed to push very well up to a point and then went into a defensive stance. They then allowed Real Madrid to come back to tie it up and still didn't seem to push back much until 15 or so minutes left in the game. Only problem was that Madrid had momentum swinging in their direction and it was a little to late. Luckily they did at least get the draw and they will play each other again in just a couple days at Barcelona this time.

Real Madrid could of really used this victory because it is just as tough to go into Barca's stadium and if they tie then I believe the game goes into extra time and possibly PKs if still tied at the end of that. Regardless it should be an interesting match and I really look forward to the end result. Then La Liga starts on the weekend and we all get to watch Spanish Football.


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