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Two and Two: Real Madrid – Barcelona FC (Copa Del Ray, 2nd Leg)


Well I am convinced that Spain just wants Real Madrid and Barcelona to play each other at least once a week. Granted the games wouldn't always end up being as good as the ones we get, but the ones we do get typically turn out to be pretty freaking incredible. The 2nd Leg of this Cope Del Ray game was no exception. 90 edge of your seats viewing pleasure that was near becoming a 120 + Possible PK game.

- Seemed to do very well attacking when controlling the ball. Not to say that they didn't control the game that well, but it is obvious that Real Madrid seems to be on a mission this year to do even better then last year and make a major push on Barca for the league title.

- Were playing at Barcelona's Home Stadium. Which put Real Madrid at a huge disadvantage. It would be like a top NFL team going to Kansas City Chiefs stadium when they are doing good and adding about 10K - 20K more fans. Yes that is about how big some of these stadiums are over in Europe. Some people tend to think that all the stadiums are only like 20K total people. While that is a typical stadium that is not accurate for teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Man U who has more history by themselves then probably all of American NFL. So like I was saying it will always be hard for Real Madrid to play football(soccer) at Barca's stadium and visa versa.

- Obviously played like Barca does and dominated the ball. For the most part and although might not of shot nearly as much as Real Madrid made each of those important runs, especially in the first half being up 2-1.

- Defense allowed to many close calls. They cannot completely rely on their GK who I am not convinced is really all that great, well at least compared to some of the really good ones like Cassillas but even he has his bad moments. Real Madrid got quite a few well placed shots off squar on target but most just missing or the GK just getting a hand on it. If any of these other teams can expose that more so then RM then Barca could potentially have a problem, but they do score a lot too, so it is probably noting to worry about.


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