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19/100 Nex XBox?

The all new and improved XBox

Microsoft recently announced they will be coming out with a new xbox. Don't panic just yet, it is still a 360, just a little bit of a makeover more or less.

One of the reasons for this redesign might be due to the upcoming release of the kinect (recently known as project natal,) but luckily for any soon to be xbox owner microsoft looks to of made some other updates. Not only is the xbox going to be slimmer, but it looks like it will come standard with a 250 GB hard drive that is built in, but is still removable. There are also rumors that wifi might be built into the system as well. Although I think that has yet to be confirmed.

Microsoft might be doing this to try and get their sales back up for the xbox (or atleast keep them going) because I know several people that will have to have this new xbox, even though they already have a xbox. Personally I would probably hold off on getting one of these new xboxes, not because I don't have the money or the fact that I already have one, but simpy because it is a microsoft peice of equipment and when was the last time microsoft put something out that didn't have problems when it was new.


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