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Review: Sporting KC falls to Buck Shaw Stadium

Image taken from Sporting KC Google+ page

Reread that title. Yeah I firmly believe that Buck Shaw Stadium is the reason why Sporting lost or more specifically the field. The field at Buck Shaw is one of the smallest in not just width but also length in all of MLS. Luckily San Jose is getting a new stadium very soon, I think for next year, but that didn't help Sporting out for this week as they played much like they played but they are so use to have so much space and not even on their own field but most of the MLS now and so Sporting wasn't able to get their normal flow going that they are use to that allows them to dominate games. That isn't to say that Sporting played terrible as the Earthquakes just about lucked into their goal and pretty much the only person that could score for their team did and that was Wondolowski.

Sporting now heads off to play another tough match against rival team Chicago Fire in Chicago and that is never an even match. Hopefully the supporters will have correct spelling this time.


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