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Comets drop home opener to the Wave in overtime 21-23


First Qtr
Comets started off about aas well as one team could hope for scoring two goals within the first two minutes. Additionally they were able to keep the Wave to scoring just one (3-point) goal, while being able to score another two goals in the dying minutes of the first quarter to finish it out 8-3.

Second Qtr
For as well as the first quarter went for the Comets it was the reverse for them in the second quarter as they were unable to net a single goal even with a shootout that had a block and a missed rebound. The saving grace from this quarter is that they only allowed one goal as well and was able to finish the second quarter still ahead 8-5.

Third Qtr
Quite the whirlwind of a quarter as the comets added back to their lead to start but then everything seemed to fall apart. But then they were able to regain some composure after some terrible penalties, that the wave mostly equaled, but towards the end things got bad again with some more penalties that then combined with the Wave finally finding a small groove allowed the Wave to come with in two points finishing the quarter 15-13.

Fourth Qtr
Not a great start as the Wave was able to net another Goal in the first minute which tied up the game 15-15. Luckily they were able to pull themselves back together going up 21-15 before allowing the Wave to come back yet again and tie the game back up 21 a piece with about a minute and a half left in the game which ended that way which meant golden goal overtime.

Usually these overtimes in the MISL don't last very long especially with it being golden goal but this is the Wave vs Comets which has a very long history between each other with the Wave usually coming out on top lately and tonight wasn't any different as the Wave was able to net the game winner almost halfway through the overtime period. The Comets had several good chances throughout the entire game but just couldn't seem to finish. Combine that with some terrible retaliation during fouls being called and the Comets still have some work to do, but luckily it is just the first game of the season. Onto the next.


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