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Preview: Sporting KC take on a struggling San Jose Earthquakes team

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When I first saw this match up earlier this week I thought it was going to be a difficult and it still most likely will but it is surprising to me that San Jose is struggling so much this year. Granted I don't pay much attention to them especially with the Red Bulls and Union are hot on Sporting's tales so it will be a race to the finish line and then it will start all over for the playoffs.

I'm hoping that Sporting isn't coming into game thinking that San Jose will just be a push over like New England was because San Jose will make Sporting suffer with any miscue. Especially with Sporting being as banged up as they have been the last few weeks. I much rather them get the injuries out of the way now before they get to the postseason. I would like to think that Sporting could when this game but as I mentioned it depends if they overlook the Earthquakes for whatever reason then they will be luckily to get out of San Jose with even a draw.


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