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FC Kansas City get off to a fast start but have to hold on tight to survive 1-1 against Portland Thorns

In the very first game of the NWSL the Portland Thorns and FC Kansas City played to a 1-1 draw, which seemed to be the basic running theme for the first matches in the NWSL as 3 of the 4 matches ended in a 1-1 draw.

FCKC seemed to get off to a fast start scoring in just the 3rd minute with a nice run by Cuellar who should be a good player in this league if she can continue the same work that she started with. KC may have gotten to a fast start but seemed to just catch the Thorns off guard to start the game as the Thorns kept the ball in KCs half of the field for most the remainder of the 1st half and a good portion of the 2nd half as KC was only able to get a handful of runs at the Thorns goal, but couldn't keep the Thorns from attacking their own goal and slipping just a little too much and giving up a penalty kick that was smashed past Barnhart who dove the wrong direction.

FC Kansas City was lucky that the game only ended 1-1 as Barnhart made some really good saves which you could see why she is the back up GK for the Women's National team and with an injured Hope Solo has been getting some extra playing time. This was just the first match and their is a long season ahead of them but a lot of people are expecting good things from Kansas City, which would be good to see even more soccer doing well in the area with Sporting also off to another good start.


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