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I_am_McBeth 2011 Year in Review


Now that 2011 has drawn to a closure I figured I would just take some time to reflect a few things that has happened to me in 2011 and possibly talk about a few things I would like to accomplish in 2012. I'm not trying to state that 2011 was special in any way from possibly any other year, but I can say that some things have happened this year that I figured couldn't happen to me. Mainly all the media stuff that I was able to get started this year by simply blogging. Yeah I am not making a single dime off of it so far and from talking to friends that have also been doing media stuff for a long time, I think I am in it for the long haul and hopefully to even make this a possible career move someday and to actually get paid to do this media stuff. It doesn't seem like it is that big of a deal to everybody, but this is quite possibly something that I have always kind of been into most of my life. Most of the people that know me personally know that I love to talk and doing all this writing/blogging is pretty much just me talking in written form.

Because of this blog I was able to obtain a media pass to the MLS Sporting Kansas City home games about half way through the season, because I was just too nervous to even think that I could get it before hand. Eventually somebody (Andy Edwards) pushed me and finally told me to quit screwing around and just do it. So I did and it was really painless. Because of being able to do that I put in for a media pass at the Women's National Team game against Canada when they played at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park and to my surprise was given one. After that I decided that I really wanted to keep doing this but shortly after the season seemed to be over, but the indoor soccer season was starting. It took me a little while to get my media pass for the Comets but I finally got it and was able to do something else that I thought I would never get to do. That was play in a media soccer game during halftime.

Obviously these things seem to have to all do with soccer, well that just seems to be the thing that has really made me happy lately to also include my family. I have been coaching my oldest son's soccer team for a couple years now and we are going to go competitive in the spring season and play up to U9. My youngest son has also started playing soccer at U5 and it is still a great thrill. All the boys that I coach exhaust me to no end, but I wouldn't ask for anything else in the world as I truly love it and hope that one day soon that I could put more focus on it as well like I would with the media stuff that I have been doing.

I have also been playing a lot of soccer in the past few years and something that has been like a baby to me is a company league that I started over 4 years ago. Well this past spring I decided that if I wanted the league to stick around for several more years to come that I should expand out and so I invited other companies to the league and instead of just calling it the company soccer league I started referring to it as the Corporate Soccer league. We had a total of 8 teams and 4 companies playing in the league. My company holding 5 of the teams. This upcoming year I am looking to expand out even more and to hopefully add at least one more company and have up to 10 teams. This league I believe is one of those things that if you put work into it over time and just let it run its course that it will build and prosper. So far so good, and something that I know has helped is my continuous want to make sure it is better.

Soccer isn't everything that has happened to me this year though either. I was able to go on a trip this year that I figured I would probably never get to go on and that was to Hawaii on a seven day cruise around the islands. We were able to see some of the most beautiful sites a person could ever see. We got to see parts of history that I didn't think I would ever lay eyes on like Pearl Harbor, got to go snorkeling out in the ocean, see whales during mating season, and see probably the most dolphins in one area then I will ever see in my entire life combined. This is one of those possible once in a life time opportunities and I am so glad that I was able to go with most my family. Hopefully one day I will get to go back with my boys.

Not everything this year was great though. There were all sorts of hard times, like me having a severe lack of focus at work which I still don't think that I am completely over and it has made me wonder if this is the job line that I want to be in for the next 20+ years so that I can retire or do I want to possibly pursue something else like the media thing. I do think I want to pursue that, but that will have to be a little further down the line, so for the time being I better make sure I do good work at my job. One of the other big issues that happened this year was several family member having some major illnesses, but I won't go too much into detail about those, but I will say that I am glad that they are all recovering seemingly well. There is obviously always the lost friends part, which as I get older seems to become more and more of problem. It really makes me want to reach out to all my former close friends that I just happen to fall out of touch with.

All in all I cannot really complain about 2011 even though I would argue for my sake that it could of been a lot better, but I am also fully aware that is could be a lot worse and I just hope that 2012 does not follow that second thought as I really would prefer not to have a worse year then the one before, but I know that nobody ever wants to have a bad year.

I will bid all of you good year in 2012 and please stay tuned for more stuff from me and all my other friends that are posting on this website. I hope to have big plans for this site in the next year, but I will those in another blog post to be posted soon.

I would like to thank all my followers, friends, and even the occsional random person that might of just stumbled upon this website.

Good luck in 2012!!!


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