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71/100 Yahoo! 100 Movies to see before you die?

This current post is quickly turning itself into a project, but Yahoo! recently put out a list of 100 movies to see before you die. Kind of a 100 greatest movies of all time or I guess you can call it that.

Well I went through it, and found out that I have only completely watched 35 of the 100. I say completely because there are parts of a lot of these that I have seen just not all of it. With realizing that I had only seen 35 of the 100 must see movies before I go to the great beyond, I looked it over again to see which movies I agreed with that should be must see movies, and found 31 more. Well 35 and 31 don't make 100 the last time I checked.

This is where my new project is starting ot kick in, because I went over to IMDb and started looking at there top 250 and still found several that I dissagreed with, so I am curretnly trying to put a list of movies together that I personally think should be on a must watch list and then another list of honorable mentions. Of course I realize that my list are based on my opinion, but I'm an expert at my opinion and I really like movies, so BACK OFF!

Want to see how you did on Yahoo 100 Movies to See Before You Die, then click on either link.
100 Movies To See Before You Die Website

100 Movies to See Before You Die PDF


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