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100 in 100!

In the mindset of trying to get myself back into blogging, and possibly even more then I have in the past, I have decided to start a 100 in 100 venture.

My plan is to have atleast 100 blog post in the next 100 days. Doesn't sound like it will be hard, but you never know until you start it. I think it might be a little for me, being that I don't have internet at home any longer, and probably won't any time soon (oh and just to let you all know. It really sucks.) So my plan isn't so much as to have one per day, but just to get 100 blog post with in 100 days. I am also setting other critea for myself and that is to have a minimum of 100 words per each blog post. I don't forsee this to be a problem being that I am an expert at my opinion, and when stating my opinion can tend to be long winded. Me being long winded is probably my down fall for not blogging as much. See my DC Trip blog post. I believe that blog post took me like 2 weeks to get done. Granted I tend to get distracted easily.

This 100/100 venture I am tracking as being started with my Damn Rash blog post, in which case counts as having 3 done (including this one) in as many days. So I think I'm off to a great start.


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